.@DOCJulieJones: Are Suwannee prison violence victims Ghosts?

Suwannee corrections officers charged in cover-up of inmates’ attack

LIVE OAK, Fla. — The Florida Department of Corrections arrested and fired two correctional officers accused of attacking two restrained inmates during a counseling session and then lying on official reports to cover it up, authorities said Wednesday.

Source: Suwannee corrections officers charged in cover-up of inmates’ attack


The Florida Department of Corrections online database doesn’t show a Robert Dunlow or a James Saunders as being housed at Suwannee Correctional Institution. They could have been released or relocated after they were maliciously gassed and manhandled, but there’s another possibility … either or both could be Ghosts from other states.

I learned that Ghost inmates from other states aren’t put into the FDoC database when I received a tip that Oregon Ghost inmate Jacob Barrett was on hunger striking here, seeking to be sent back to Oregon. Oregon knows how dangerous Florida prisons are (activists made sure they did), but Barrett’s still here, even after a second hunger strike.

This likely means there’s a big incentive for Ghosting inmates, most likely tapping two states’ taxpayers simultaneously to pay the incarceration costs of one inmate.

Transporting an inmate from Oregon to Florida costs far more than a Greyhound ticket, and few inmate transport companies operate sanely or humanely, too often resulting in injury or death. It’s pretty clear the phenomena of injury and death during transport isn’t just a handful of isolated incidents when it’s already got three nicknames – rough ride, nickel ride, cowboy ride.

And of course – given that corrections officers easily get away with murder in Florida – Ghosting an inmate here from another state is cruel and unusual punishment, reckless endangerment, willful and wanton conduct, and just f*ing nuts.

Because I can’t post a picture of either Robert Dunlow or James Sanders, I’ll instead post a picture of Matthew Walker, whom some Florida corrections officers recently got away with murdering. In honor of all of Mr. Walker and Florida’s other #DeadInmates and damaged inmates, please sign this petition to have the Department of Justice step in and investigate what all’s going on here. Thank you.

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