Answer to sewage dumping into SC’s Saluda River isn’t to legalize it

Public Should Drown DHEC With Outrage Over Carolina Water –

There are times when a government agency is so out of touch, or so negligent in its duties, or so in the pocket of those it regulates — or all of the above — that the public must rise up and demand that the agency live up to the fundamental responsibility it was created to address. Not ask — demand.

This is one of those times.

via Public Should Drown DHEC With Outrage Over Carolina Water –


This video from Congaree Riverkeeper provides an understanding of the volume of the sewage being dumped into the Saluda River, but not the contents of the sewage … the pipe is evidently placed so far below the surface that all that’s seen from above is displaced river water that happens to be flowing by.

Sewage dumping is as scary as it is stupid, so the Congaree Riverkeeper, through the Southern Environmental Law Center, filed suit on January 14th to stop the unlawful discharges into the Saluda River.

“State and local officials have been saying this pollution needs to stop for years, but the sewage discharges have gone on as more and more families swim and fish in the Saluda” said Blan Holman, senior attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center. “It’s long past time this facility hooked into the cleaner regional treatment system, as it’s been required to do since 1999.”

Rather than respond to the suit by ordering Carolina Water Service to hook into the regional treatment system, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is holding a public meeting on the matter – right this minute.

The purpose of the meeting is for the SC DHEC to pretend that there is  consensus on letting children swim in filth, consensus on eating contaminated fish, consensus on ruining water quality.

Of course, there’s no such consensus, and as the meeting is already underway, the chance to speak up publicly has passed by. However, the Congaree Riverkeeper (via comment on the editorial linked above) provided avenues to speak up:

You can submit written comments to DHEC. Comments are due by Tuesday, September 1st and can be sent to Andrew Edwards: Bureau of Water, 2600 Bull St, Columbia, SC 29201, or by email to

Please do take a minute submit a comment by email. Thank you.

Update 9/25/15: I neglected to mention in authoring this post that Carolina Water Service needs only to lay approximately 100 yards of pipe (300 feet) to connect to the regional treatment system. Carolina Water Service should lay this pipe immediately, at no cost to the customers whose river they have polluted, and wish to continue to pollute, in perpetuity.

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