.@GovAbbot: Don’t let Virginia Ghost become a ghost in Texas

San Francisco Bay View » ‘TDCJ placed me in harm’s way because I spoke out in reference to the extreme heat’

Our plea for help

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Texas Attorney General’s Office have established a clear pattern of conduct in which they retaliate against, abuse and mistreat prisoners who have engaged in peace­ful, legal activities:

On May 6, 2015, at the Terrell Unit located at Rosharon, Texas, TDCJ prison officials thwarted a disabled incarcerated U.S. Army veteran from being able to attend court in Brazuria County on time; the prisoner’s name is Richard A. Dunsmore, TDC No. 1826868. He needs our help.

For three years on the Estelle Unit located at Huntsville, Texas, prisoner Oliver Eshman Lister, TDC No. 1279183 fought to expose the abuse of elderly and disabled prisoners. Lister has been the victim of racist and bigoted retalia­tion tactics. He needs our help!

Keith Cole, TDC No. 728749, continues to be harassed and re­taliated against on the Wallace Pack Unit. What will it take to get the Department of Justice down here in this racist stronghold of Texas?

via San Francisco Bay View » ‘TDCJ placed me in harm’s way because I spoke out in reference to the extreme heat’.


I am told that Keith “Malik” Washington has suffered a serious head injury since he authored this plea for three fellow inmates. The injury has gone untreated, which poses an ominous health risk in and of itself.

However, it is known to his captors that Washington has volatile epilepsy. This means that his being denied treatment for a head injury goes beyond medical negligence … it’s attempted homicide. I take statistically anomalous in-custody seizure deaths personally not only because I have epilepsy, but because the epilepsy community now includes thousands upon thousands of our wounded warriors. All are at greater risk of arrest – and worse – because of the affliction.

Ghosting inmates from one state to another is cruel and unusual punishment – it has no upside. Perhaps its worst aspect is preventing inmates’ families from providing advocacy in crucial moments – like illness, injury or deliberate endangerment – forcing families to deal with two states’ systems simultaneously, giving both states the opportunity to play the blame game, while doing nothing constructive.

If the alternate media goes the distance on the issue, we will likely find out that the main purpose of Ghosting is to allow two states to pick taxpayers’ pockets simultaneously on behalf of the burgeoning Prison Industrial Complex.

Please contact Texas Governor Greg Abbott and ask him to make sure that Keith “Malik” Washington gets medical treatment immediately, and that he be un-Ghosted back to Virginia as soon as he recovers. Please ask Abbott, too, to make sure that Texas department of corrections begins treating corrections workers and inmates as well as they do pigs – deaths from heat stroke are predictable and preventable. Thank you.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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