Yet another #DeadInmate – no big deal to @FLGovScott

Patrick Foster was found unresponsive Sunday afternoon.

Inmate dies at Orient Road Jail | Tampa Bay Times

An inmate died Sunday afternoon at Orient Road Jail, according to Hillsborough County sheriff’s officials …

Foster, who was arrested Thursday for trespassing, had medical issues and had been in the jail numerous times, the officials said.

via Inmate dies at Orient Road Jail | Tampa Bay Times.


The post that preceded this one concerned two Florida jails that claimed insurmountable difficulty in verifying that a 42-year-old inmate had been on the same AIDS medication for 13 years, even though the inmate was in the Florida Department of Corrections database. He is a federal prisoner – both jails are under contract – but the U.S. Marshall Office didn’t see fit to step up.

Now we have 50-year-old Patrick Foster’s death at another Florida jail – Orient Road – and the admission that Foster was known to have medical issues.

In light of the previous post, it’s illogical to assume that knowledge of Foster’s medical history automatically assured him any attention, let alone proper attention.

Governor Rick Scott only remembered his investigative powers just long enough to play party politics with our tax dollars to plague Planned Parenthood. Obviously, if Scott was genuinely pro-life instead of politically pro-birth, he’d care about every last dead inmate.

We’re told that the medical examiner will determine the cause of death in Patrick Foster’s death. That’s the same thing Floridians were told about Darren Rainey’s horrific scalding death, which happened well over three years ago.

Rainey’s M.E.’s results haven’t been released, so of course the corrections officers have not been arrested.

All that Rick Scott likely intends to do about the mounting suspicious inmate death toll is to issue yet another meaningless Executive Order, which the media will extol, despite it likely being confined once again to the Florida Department of Corrections, as if only our prisons were deadly, and our jails were safe.

Rick Scott isn’t losing any sleep over dead inmates. But I sure am; I’ve got two more dead jail inmates to write about.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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