.@POTUS: have @TheJusticeDept take over @FL_Corrections before Ghosts really are ghosts

State attorney drops charges in case of Vero Beach man accused of repeatedly shouting racial epithets at family – TC Palm

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — The State Attorney’s Office this week dropped charges against a man accused of stalking and resisting an officer with violence following a dispute with neighbors in September, according to Indian River County Courthouse records …

… Zerbe was released from the Indian River County Jail Tuesday, but was turned over to the St. Lucie County Jail for a probation violation for an aggravated battery conviction, according to jail records. The Sept. 6 incident prompted the probation violation, Robinson said.

via State attorney drops charges in case of Vero Beach man accused of repeatedly shouting racial epithets at family – TC Palm.


Although Steven Zerbe died under suspicious circumstances at Santa Rosa Correctional Institution on June 14, 2014, this linked article above is the most recent news article I can find about him. Florida’s suspicious inmate deaths are becoming so commonplace that they’re no longer news, rather like domestic violence deaths.

The first photograph of Steven Zerbe below is from Arrests.org, and is dated September 6, 2012. The details on the site say portray Zerbe as 6’4″ and 300 pounds.

Steven Zerbe 2012

Due to the date of his Zerbe’s suspicious death, the Florida Department of Corrections’ photograph of Zerbe below must be at least a few months shy of two years. The details provided by the FDoC describe Zerbe as 6’4″ and 215 pounds … he’d lost 85 pounds. Or more.

Offender Picture

Steven Zerbe @ 2014

Like two other Florida inmates who died under suspicious circumstances that I’ve recently written about – Hanuman Joyce and Quintin Foust – Steven Zerbe was a local man. Vero Beach is the next town north of me.

Quintin Foust was 5’11” and 126 pounds when he died; hardly a healthy weight. He’d lived in the next town south of me, Port St. Lucie.

Foust’s death was the subject of very revealing testimony before the Florida Senate Criminal Justice Committee about the quality of medical care within Florida prisons.

Foust looked more like a Holocaust survivor than a Florida inmate in the final photograph the FDoC put up on their website, below. It’s likely that Zerbe was on the same path.

Offender Picture

Quintin Foust

All that the state of Florida intends to do is pretend that prison reform is underway (with the rogue FBI playing along). It’s long past time – by at least two US AG’s – for the Department of Justice to recognize that they have a responsibility to step in and take over the FDoC to prevent further abuse, neglect and deaths, all of which now reach far beyond Florida’s borders … I have no idea how many inmates have been Ghosted here from other states, and I suspect that the DoJ doesn’t, either.

Right now, Oregon Ghost Jacob Barrett is at Florida’s Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, where Steven Zerbe’s suspicious death occurred. It’s time for President Obama to declare inmates to be persons protected by inalienable rights, not pieces of property solely owned by the Prison Industrial Complex.

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