.@TheJusticeDept: Take over @FL_Corrections; @FLGovScott is investigating #PlannedParenthood, not #DeadInmates

A mother’s struggle to save the life of ill, imprisoned son – VeroNews: Vero Beach 32963 Features

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Chandra Kantor would have gone to the ends of the earth to save her 21-year-old adopted son. That’s how far away he seemed: Century Correctional Institution, at the tip of Florida’s Panhandle and an eight-hour drive from her home in Sebastian.

On her fifth and last visit, the drive was an hour shorter: her son, Hanuman Joyce, had been taken by ambulance to Pensacola’s Baptist Hospital with kidney failure. Hanuman had lupus, a progressive auto-immune disease that in the outside world might have been managed.

In prison, it turned his six-year sentence into a death sentence.

Days after his mother’s visit, Hanuman was shackled and put in the back of a prison van for a four-hour drive to Lake Butler, a prison complex that includes a hospital. When guards opened the van door on arrival, Hanuman was dead.

via A mother’s struggle to save the life of ill, imprisoned son – VeroNews: Vero Beach 32963 Features.


The rest of the story that the VeroNews.com tells is now pretty standard fare. Hanuman was mentally challenged by a low I.Q. and severe learning disabilities. He was emotionally challenged by the loss of his natural mother. He was physically challenged by lupus nephritis.

His streak of criminal behavior coincided with a prescribed heavy dose of Prednisone to treat the lupus, which can cause behavioral changes. Judge Robert Pegg didn’t want to hear that the young man was too sick to be in prison, even though he’d been hospitalized for kidney failure while jailed, just before sentencing.

For a Judge to be unacquainted with the seriousness of kidney failure is disturbing; it would be yet more disturbing if Judge Pegg knew, and just didn’t care.

Offender Picture

Rather than attribute Hanuman Joyce’s death to the facility who transported him while his pulse was elevated – 118 his death was attributed to Reception and Medical Center (RMC).

I don’t know if the prison system or a private contractor transported the young man. His ankles were bruised; he could have been subjected to a rough ride, a/k/a nickel ride, cowboy ride.

The length of RMC’s Inmate Mortality list makes it clear that the public deserves more information. We need to know the age of the deceased, as well as their height and weight. Family members of Florida inmates as well as prison reform advocates know that malnourishment is a really big deal, i.e.; Quintin Foust was 5’11” and 126 pounds when he died at Jefferson Correctional Institution.

Like Hanuman Joyce, Quintin Foust had endured a seizure before death. And like Joyce, Foust was a local man: Joyce is from neighboring Indian River County, Foust is from my county, St. Lucie.

Here is the Inmate Mortality list from RMC: please note the number of open investigations, and please know that while all these inmates’ families wait for answers – and perhaps justice for wrongful deaths – Governor Rick Scott is busy investigating Planned Parenthood in a preposterous attempt to appear pro-life. Although the list is very, very long, please scroll down past it to utilize the buttons to share the post. Thank you.

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