.@POTUS: make @TheJusticeDept take over @FL_Corrections

L.A. County jails to undergo sweeping reforms in deal with federal officials – LA Times

Under pressure from U.S. justice officials, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to implement sweeping reforms in its jail system that are aimed at improving chronically poor treatment for mentally ill inmates and ending years of abusive behavior by jailers.

Justice and sheriff’s officials on Wednesday announced the terms of an agreement the two sides reached that imposes court oversight on the county jails and spells out the widespread changes the Sheriff’s department must make.

via L.A. County jails to undergo sweeping reforms in deal with federal officials – LA Times.


This heaping dose of federal inconsistency on oversight of corrections facilities has a streaming, looped video of photos of Florida’s #DeadInmates running through my mind.

Along with a lot of questions.

What prevents the Department of Justice from turning Governor Rick Scott’s life inside out for being so crass as to “investigate” Planned Parenthood ahead of concluding the investigation of mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey’s horrific June 23, 2012 scalding homicide?

Perhaps the DoJ is afraid of Scott’s Big Money/Big Influence friends, i.e.; the Koch Brothers, Jeff Bezos, etc.

Perhaps Florida’s public corruption is deemed untouchable due to the FBI’s decades of participation, with the DoJ, Congressional intelligence oversight committees and Florida U.S. legislators all playing dumb.

Whatever the reason the DoJ and FBI haven’t so much as resolved  Darren Rainey’s 2012 homicide – let alone the suspicious deaths before or since, hundreds in all, more with each passing day – Floridians deserve to have it fixed via a DoJ takeover of the Florida Department of Corrections, by the direct order of Barack Obama. If L.A. County jails can get federal protection, surely the state of Florida can.

A suspicious inmate death that recently to come to my attention is that of 35-year-old Quonta Howard, whom WINK news says was “found dead” at Charlotte Correctional Institution.

Offender Picture

Quonta Howard

Charlotte CI is where Matthew Walker had previously been beaten to death by corrections officers, who were not charged. Charlotte CI is also where mentally ill Kelly Brady had one his eyes ripped out – without provocation – by corrections officer William Hamilton Wilson, who served just five years for his heinous crime.

Below are the mortality stats on Charlotte Correctional Institution. Please note that seven investigations are open, dating back to 2013, and that Quonta Howard isn’t yet on the list.



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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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