@POTUS: @TheJusticeDept MUST take over FL prison system; another #DeadInmate


Inmate death at Baker Correctional Institution triggers internal review

SANDERSON, Fla. — An internal investigation is underway following the death of an inmate at Baker Correctional Institution in Sanderson Tuesday, authorities told First Coast News.

Inmate Antonio Gallashaw, 23, died in custody at the facility at some point Tuesday, authorities said. The Medical Examiner’s Office has been called in to determine exactly how he died, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Corrections confirmed.

Gallashaw was sentenced to three years in prison on Jan. 16 for felony weapons charges, corrections records show.

via Inmate death at Baker Correctional Institution triggers internal review.


First Coast News account of Antonio Gallashaw’s death is jumbled. Further down in the article, it said that they had received a “wave of reports” of a death on Monday. But they’re reporting the death as happening on Tuesday, apparently because that’s the official word, which seems that no one should have any confidence in, as Tuesday was the day the Florida Department of Corrections issued their confusing press release about a corrections officer being arrested for gassing, dragging and throwing an inmate … an arrest that isn’t substantiated by the document furnished with the press release.

The word on social media is that Antonio was beaten to death by corrections officers.

The word isn’t always right. But it’s often right … too often right, in the case of slain Florida inmates.

An internal FDoC and Florida Department of Law Enforcement joint investigation is a stall, not a remedy: dating back decades, the FDLE has a consistent record of protecting public servants ahead of the public, they’re aware of multiple frame-ups, and they’re in favor of keeping them intact: they even caused one with false testimony on DNA test results – Jeff Abramowski’s. Because of their own lawlessness as regards frame-ups, the FBI is supportive of the FDLE’s lawlessness. Because the Department of Justice must work with the FBI, the DoJ is supportive of the FBI’s lawlessness, and because members of Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees are more concerned with good ole boy politics than holding the FBI accountable, they let the FBI remain rogue.

Florida’s slain inmates’ families deserve immediate answers, and swift justice. Governor Rick Scott isn’t going to deliver it … he has trouble even pretending to care. Although Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones has no trouble pretending to care, she is what she is – an agency-hopping DROP opportunist who doesn’t much believe in inherent rights, which I learned through being one of the persons who was “hit” (even by the FBI) on Florida’s D.A.V.I.D. system, a/k/a Facebook for Cops.

There’s no need for deep reflection on the FBI’s corruption: despite their involvement, there has been no justice afforded the family of mentally ill Darren Rainey, who was scalded to death by corrections officers at Dade Correctional Institution on June 23, 2012. Other Florida inmates’ homicides are in limbo, too.

It’s time for President Obama to step in and stomp down on the public servants that make it possible for other public servants to get away with murder. It’ll require FBI Director James Comey to resign, or reverse course. It’ll require giving US Attorney General Loretta Lynch free reign and clear instructions to clean up the messes that Eric Holder left behind.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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