Letter from a murderer – two Germans fight for Lancelot Armstrong who is sentenced to death in Florida

Offender Picture

Per “hits” on my blog, continental Europeans are deeply concerned about America’s flawed, medieval death penalty, as well they should be. We base our worldwide aggression on the claim we can shine the light of democracy on the rest of the world, when we obviously aren’t shining the light of democracy within our borders, particularly in Florida.


Max Holscher - Journalist

By Max Holscher

Kassel/Miami. They have never met him. They never talked to him in person.
They live thousands of miles away and don’t speak the same language. Many
people might call the two Germans crazy:  Peter Koch and Kai
Friedrich from Germany are the only pen-pals of convicted murderer Lancelot
Armstrong who is imprisoned in Raiford, Florida, and faces a death sentence.
Koch and Friedrich fight for his release – with limited weapons.

The 54-year-old  Koch, who has grey, curly hair, holds a folder with the letters he received from “Lancelot”. That’s what Koch use to call his pen-pal.
He organized the handwritten letters in a special order.
After each English version follows the German translation. “My and Kai’s
English skills are not the best”, Koch says. When the sentences are too
complicated Koch uses a translation program. Sometimes a friend would
translate the passages for them.

Now, after…

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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