John Oliver: Chickens (HBO video, petition) – Updated

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Chickens

Published on May 17, 2015

John Oliver explains how chicken farming can be unfair, punishing, and inhumane. And not just for the chickens!


John Oliver’s video had over 3M hits on YouTube; please help this related petition do just as well so that the chicken growers can get some long overdue relief. Thank you.

Update 11/12/15: The above petition still needs more signatures (please sign!!), but this “Chickens” petition just declared a victory.

Craig Watts and Compassion in World Farming

Nov 12, 2015 — VICTORY!

Thank you to more than 123,000 consumers who signed the petition! We are pleased to report that the USDA is no longer verifying factory farmed chicken as “humanely raised” under its Process Verified Program.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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