Truck Safety Coalition: along party lines, Senate votes against truck safety


Senate Commerce Bill (S. 1732) Passes Out of Committee July 16, 2015


Last evening, July 15, the Senate Commerce Committee voted 13-11 to approve the Comprehensive Transportation and Consumer Protection Act of 2015 (S. 1732). Every Republican voted for the measure, while every Democrat voted against it. The result was a partisan bill that promoted the interests of several motor carriers above the safety interests of millions of Americans. Despite attempts by Democratic members to amend the bill to embrace more robust safety reforms, almost every pro-truck safety amendment failed along party lines.

Some of the key amendment votes included:

Blumenthal 4 Modified: strikes Sections 2003 and 2005 of Part 1 of subtitle A of Title II (of S. 1732) in order to allow for truck companies to avoid making their Compliance, Safety, and Accountability ratings public and allow for certain crash information from being disclosed

  • Failed by a vote of 13 (Nays) – 11 (Aye).

Blumenthal 6: restores stronger hiring practices for hiring carriers and removes the exclusion of evidence of important safety data in cases against brokers (strikes Sec. 2102 of S. 1732)

  • Failed by a vote of 13 (Nays) – 11 (Aye).

Blumenthal 9: prevents the slowdown of the rulemaking process at FMCSA by striking additional requirements for issuing a rule.

  • Failed by voice vote.

Booker 5 Modified: strikes a prerequisite of an extremely difficult requirement for rulemaking to determine if minimum levels of financial responsibility for motor carriers should be increased.

  • Failed by voice vote.

Markey 2: strikes the pilot program in Section 2403 (of S. 1732), which allows for 18 year olds to drive commercial vehicles in interstate commerce.

  • Failed by voice vote.

Manchin 3: recognizes hair as an alternative specimen for pre-employment and random controlled substances testing of commercial vehicle drivers.

  • Passed by voice vote.

S.1732 now will head to the floor of the Senate. There, senators can and will continue to try to reshape this bill, by offering amendments, to include meaningful safety reforms instead of risky rollbacks for motor carriers, shippers, and brokers. These amendments may also include the Wicker Amendment on Double 33s, in addition to the issues we have voiced our concern on in committee.

Lastly, there is a strong chance that this bill will not be passed in its current form, since it is one of several bills that will be combined into one major bill at a conference between committees of jurisdiction. Even if the anti-safety provisions in this bill survive the conference and pass the Senate, the Obama Administration has issued a veto threat on the appropriations component of the bill.

We will keep you updated on any major developments and thank you for all your efforts. Your voice was definitely heard, and although we lost a close vote, we will keep working to improve truck safety.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~ Thomas Edison

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 703-294-6404

Thanks,    The Truck Safety Coalition Team


Allowing longer, heavier trucks to be on our cratered highways and crumbling bridges is a godawful idea: it’ll just deepen the craters and accelerate the crumbling. And – per the excepts below – allowing an 80-hour work week is an insane idea. Please visit The Truck Safety Coalition’s website and find out how you can help keep your family safe by participating in their action campaigns, or follow them on Twitter – @TruckSafetyOrg. Thank you.


Truck driver cited for careless driving one day before fatal I-75 crash

June 30th, 2015 by Shelly Bradbury The truck driver involved in the nine-vehicle wreck on Interstate 75 was cited for careless driving in Florida on Wednesday — one day before officials say he plowed into several vehicles in a crash that killed six people in Chattanooga … Cool Runnings Express owner Billy Sizemore declined to comment on the wreck on Monday. The company operates six trucks and employs nine drivers, according to the safety administration …

During the last 24 months, Cool Runnings Express failed three of eight vehicle inspections — 37 percent — and failed two of 14 driver inspections, or 14 percent, safety administration records show.



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