UK watching US brutally criminalize epilepsy (yet again)

Alabama woman claims she and daughter were tazed by police after teenager suffered seizure – Americas – World – The Independent

A woman from Alabama has claimed that police officers repeatedly used tazers on her and her daughter after the teenager suffered a seizure at a rap concert. The lawsuit, filed in a federal court by a woman who has not been publicly identified, alleges that police officers from Rainbow City repeatedly fired Tasers at her and her teenage daughter at a concert while the daughter was suffering from grand mal seizures. The 32-page lawsuit accuses at up to eight officers from Rainbow City officers and the Gadsden City force of excessive force, torture “and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment”.

via Alabama woman claims she and daughter were tazed by police after teenager suffered seizure – Americas – World – The Independent.


“Don’t you just take a pill for that?”

That’s what most public servants I’ve encountered have said about my epilepsy. They believe that you just take a pill and whoosh!!, every single symptom disappears, all danger of having a seizure disappears, and – should you have a seizure in public – it’s your own damn fault for not taking your pill. Public servants reserve the right to be damn tired of crazy people who won’t take their pills.

Epilepsy isn’t a mental illness; it’s an electrical dysfunction of brain activity, and there can be epileptic electrical dysfunction that doesn’t result in a full blown seizure, just as temblors don’t always lead to a massive earthquake.

Ignorant-by-choice shouldn’t be an option open to any public servant. But in the USA, it certainly is.

Long before I appeared before Brevard County, Florida Judge John John Dean Moxley, I had send brochures substantiating my fears about being stressed into having a seizure from being forced to be in the same room with the person that was most likely responsible for my elevated arsenic levels. He refused my oft-repeated requests.

Little did I know that decades earlier, then-prosecutor Moxley proposed a theory of a crime to frame Gary Bennett (pictured below) that had him murdering Helen Nardi while having a seizure (preposterous). Of course, Moxley had his go-to phony K-9 expert John Preston testify about “scent evidence” and scared up not one, but two coached jailhouse informants to testify falsely against Gary (he’d only needed Preston and one coached jailhouse informant to participate in framing Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon, now exonerated).

I also learned later that Moxley blamed the victim when it came to domestic violence. He publicly blamed Yolanda Garvin-Williams for her own homicide for not obtaining an order of protection. Months later, Moxley publicly claimed that protection orders were worthless pieces of paper, after Alissa Blanton was gunned down by her stalker, against whom he’d refused to issue an order of protection.

The FBI participated in at least one prosecution involving John Preston. It resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s 2002 execution – twenty years after Preston was federally discredited. There will likely be a blame-game very shortly between 9/11 accusation-lobbing former Florida legislator/Governor/U.S. Senator Bob Graham (of the Washington Post Graham Family), as Graham couldn’t have gotten away with reestablishing John Preston as credible after he was federally discredited in 1982 without FBI cooperation, cooperation that continued while Graham served on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee for ten years, cooperation that extended to FBI involvement with other DNA-discredited “scent evidence” experts, like Keith Pikett. Graham has called for President Obama to get involved. And he must.

While the earliest Brevard man to be exonerated is still fighting for compensation – Juan Ramos – Wilton Dedge and William Dillon (both white) were given millions of taxpayers dollars in exoneration compensation for their combined 49 years of wrongful incarceration. Those same taxpayers made Moxley very wealthy – he collected a sizable Florida pension while drawing a salary for over a decade. He did not act alone. Scores of Brevard public servants deserve house arrest for the rest of their lives, with asset forfeiture that includes pensions, retroactively.

The young woman who had the seizure at the concert, and her mother, will likely receive Alabama taxpayers money, including their own. And those that harmed them will likely remain on the job, serving few and harming many … with the likelihood of harming combat Veterans very high.

Improvised Explosive Devices’s cause Traumatic Brain Injury, which often causes epilepsy and/or PTSD. Returning combat Vets represent a virtual epilepsy epidemic.

And they can’t just take a pill for that.

CALEA-accredited policing agencies’ officers should already know this, and more, per this page from CALEA’s website. According to CALEA’s database, Rainbow City – where the young woman with epilepsy and her mother were treated so disgracefully – is not a certified agency.

We can’t afford another day of subsidizing stupid-by-choice, violent police officers. We really can’t.  Please sign the petition from the link below, and share this post. Thank you.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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