Rainbow Warrior destroyed by French 30 years ago today

Published on Jul 9, 2015

30 years ago on the 10 July 1985, the Rainbow Warrior prepares to lead a flotilla of ships from New Zealand to Moruroa to peacefully protest against French nuclear testing. French agents bomb and sink the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour, killing Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira. Narrated by Captain Peter Wilcox.

Published on Sep 8, 2013

An independent video slide show developed from photographs in David Robie’s photographic exhibition around the original Rainbow Warrior’s humanitarian voyage to Rongelap in the Marshall Islands in May 1985. The exhibition was donated to the NZ Peace Foundation for showing at schools. Also photographs by Gil Hanly, John Miller, Giff Johnson, Fernando Pereira and some US military archival images. Produced and filmed in 1986. Script by David Robie, author of Eyes of Fire: The Last Voyage of the Rainbow Warrior: http://littleisland.co.nz/books/eyes-… \Background image of Fernando Pereira by David Robie: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/ima…


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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9 Responses to Rainbow Warrior destroyed by French 30 years ago today

  1. Su Leslie says:

    Like most Aucklanders I remember waking up to the news of the Rainbow Warrior bombing. I remember the horror, outrage and the profound sadness that such an horrific act of terror could occur in our peaceful country.

    • It seems like yesterday to me, Su. It took me a long time to grasp that France had indeed gone so outrageously far, in a foreign port, no less. I was afraid that Greenpeace would dissolve immediately … very grateful that it didn’t.

      • Su Leslie says:

        Yes; ironically (and thankfully) it made Greenpeace stronger. I recently saw a play about the sinking; written by a local playwright. Almost everyone in the audience had personal experience of the Rainbow Warrior bombing and it was a wonderful experience; sad and yet joyous.

      • How courageous they were (and are) to continue. I’d have liked to have seen the play!

      • Su Leslie says:

        I don’t imagine it will tour. It’s very “kiwi” and I suspect the characterisations wouldn’t travel well — which is a pity because it was a very powerful piece. Very simple and stark; four actors playing several roles each, and it recognised the work Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior did in evacuating the people of Rongolap. Seems to me that is too often forgotten.

      • Thank you for pointing out our too-short memories, Su. I found a video about the evacuation and will add it the post.

      • Su Leslie says:

        Great. I’ve noticed in the discussions about the Rainbow Warrior here, that the Rongolap evacuation — in fact most of the work done by the ship and crew — tends to be forgotten. Greenpeace is running a great photo exhibition here at the wharf where the bombing happened of images from NZ’s protest past. The curation is good, and it’s a reminder that good people have always fought injustices. And sadly, that we seem to be fighting the same battles decade after decade!

      • I hope that a lot of children get to see Greenpeace’s exhibition, and were inspired by it … we’ll need every generation working together if we are to permanently fix even one injustice.

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