Governors: Get your Ghosts out of @FL_Corrections before they really are ghosts | #goodtrouble

Matthew Walker

Grand Jury report rips Florida prison over deadly beatdown

The autopsy said that the cartilage surrounding his windpipe was broken, all three sides of his larynx were injured and he suffered blunt-force trauma to his head, neck and torso.

The medical examiner told FDLE investigators that [Matthew] Walker’s right eye was pushed into his eye socket, and that the pattern of his injuries could have been caused by strikes with radios or boots.

Cause of death was ruled to be asphyxiation and manner of death was homicide.


I deeply appreciate the Miami Herald’s in depth and on target articles about abused, neglected and tortured inmates. Because Florida’s corruption is so congealed and conspiratorial, every time the MH shines a light on the Florida Department of Corrections darkness, other agencies’ darkness comes out of the shadows, like the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s, which has given me more hope than I’ve ever had in over a decade of personally battling the FDLE and other agencies.

That said, I often have a different take on a current events, like I do the Grand Jury’s failure to indict anyone for Matthew Walker’s homicide.

The way I understand it, Grand Juries are empowered to determine probable cause, not whether  a conviction can be obtained in light of evidence destruction, conspiratorially conflicted statements or any other artificial hurdle. A Grand Jury report that “rips” but does not indict in the event of a particularly heinous, witnessed homicide makes it apparent why this U.S. throwback – just like the death penalty – needs to go away.

Florida is particularly adept at abusing both throwbacks – Grand Juries and the death penalty – and I think this is finally beginning to dawn on the other 49 states, and D.C. … the last I heard, Oregon had decided to bring Ghosted inmate Jacob Barrett home, perhaps because of  activists’ pressure (international), but more likely because Florida’s  inmate homicide headlines are now just impossible to ignore, thanks to the Miami Herald. And it could be that the Department of Justice will finally take a hard look at all of Florida’s human rights abuses, perhaps sensing that if they don’t, the UN will, again thanks to the thoroughness of Miami Herald investigations.

Every governor should rush to bring his/her Ghosts home from Florida (and not via Rough Ride, Cowboy Ride or Nickel Ride). And every Republican governor should let Rick Scott know that they don’t appreciate his drawing continual international attention to their party for being so visibly anti-human rights, because ordinary people tend to remember who doesn’t give a damn about them, and who does:

This ordinary person remembers that Bernie Sanders gave a damn in 2010, and gives a damn now, and that Marco Rubio didn’t give a damn in 2010 and doesn’t give a damn now.

Please share this post. Let’s work together to take our country back from “leaders” whose every action reflects their love of money and power and disdain for ordinary people, and replace them with leaders who have operable consciences.

I want Matthew Walker, Darren Rainey and all the rest of Florida’s murdered inmates to rest in peace. For that to happen, a change gotta come.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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