Another FL inmate murdered, per conflicted, official source

Offender Picture

John Hampton Anderson

Inmate dies at Graceville prison – Jackson County Floridan : Crimes/Courts

The death of an inmate at Graceville Correctional Facility Sunday is being investigated by the Florida Department Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Corrections. It is believed to be the result of an inmate-on-inmate altercation, according to FDLE spokesman Gretl Plessinger.

The name of the victim was not immediately released, and no suspect has been named in the death.

[On July 1st, the same source provided a bit more information: John Hampton Anderson, 51, was found dead at the prison Sunday afternoon … He was believed to have been involved in an altercation with another inmate prior to his death, but officials would not discuss the particulars of that reported event.]

via Inmate dies at Graceville prison – Jackson County Floridan : Crimes/Courts.


Agency hopping by well-compensated state employees is financially rewarded by Florida’s welfare-for-the-wealthy DROP pension plan, which our legislators, governor and media all pretend has a minimal, rather than monumental, impact on the budget. Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones was previously employed by two other agencies, and is currently receiving an overly generous monthly pension payout on top on her adequate salary. She additionally received a ludicrous lump-sum pension payout.

I don’t know for a fact that Gretl Plessinger left her position as Public Affairs Director for the Florida Department (FDoC) of Corrections to fill a spokesperson position at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for the specific purpose of collecting a pension and a salary simultaneously from her fellow Floridians … what I do know is that the very last person that the FDLE should have wanted for a spokesperson was someone carrying years of bloody FDoC baggage.

Ms. Plessinger switched agencies in 2011, and I know some of the FDoC corrections personnel misconduct that she should have reported to then-FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey, because I had given the information to her. Here is one of her responses to me about incarcerated innocent Gary Bennett’s epilepsy medication being arbitrarily withheld (which caused him to have many humiliating, life-threatening seizures):

From: “Plessinger, Gretl” <>
Date: June 26, 2011 2:55:48 PM EDT
To: [Susan Chandler]

Subject: Re: Gary Stanley Bennett – DOC 092481 – withheld epilepsy medications translates to attempted homicide

Mrs. Chandler,

I did send your earlier emails to the Warden to ensure proper medical care is being delivered to Mr. Bennett.  I will send this to Secretary Buss along with health services staff in Tallahassee. We will make sure he is getting appropriate medical care.

Gretl Plessinger


“We Never Walk Alone”

Interim FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearington’s confirmation as the new commish should hinge upon doing what then-Commissioner Bailey should have done before he hired Gretl Plessinger … make her unpack her bloody baggage and reveal every single incidence of FDoC abuse, neglect and violence that she’s  aware of, with Swearington assuring that her revelations are complete and accurate by requesting copies of all of Ms. Plessinger’s FDoC electronic and snail mail correspondence. According to one report, Swearington has about a month to accomplish this task.

Graceville Correctional Institution is operated by GEO Group, Inc., according to the FDoC’s website. This article excerpt explains why this isn’t in Floridians best interests:

GEO’s cost-cutting measures have been criticized for their relationship to inmate-on-inmate and guard-on-inmate (and vice-versa) violence which are many times a result of inadequate training, low pay, and high turnover of corrections staff as well as chronic understaffing. Further allegations of civil rights abuses and medical neglect have resulted in individual and class-action lawsuits brought against the company. For example, a spreadsheet of lawsuits complied by Private Corrections Working Group/Private Corrections Institute lists hundreds of lawsuits filed against GEO Group, many of which were settled before trial. The suits range from allegation of inmate death and abuse, excessive force, medical neglect as well as allegations of employment discrimination. – See more at:


Gretl Plessinger Appointed FDLE Communications Director
November 28, 2011
Commissioner Jerry Bailey is pleased to announce the appointment of Gretl Plessinger to the position of Communications Director in the Office of External Affairs. In this role, Plessinger will manage the Public Information Office’s day-to-day activities, coordinate FDLE’s statewide press relations, and serve as the chief media spokesperson.  She joins Communications Coordinator Keith Kameg and Public Information Officer Kristi Gordon. 
External Affairs Director Heather Smith leaves FDLE on Dec. 1 for a new professional opportunity in central Florida.  Smith served for the last five years as the Department’s media relations chief.
Plessinger is a veteran communications professional who has extensive state government and media relations experience.  She most recently served as the public affairs director for the Florida Department of Corrections where she was the chief media spokesperson and coordinated DOC’s internal and external communications.  Prior to her time with DOC, Director Plessinger spent nearly 10 years as a radio reporter, producer and news director. 

Plessinger graduated from Indiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in communications.  She can be reached at and at 850-410-7001.
For Further Information Contact:
Gretl Plessinger, Keith Kameg or Kristi Gordon
FDLE Office of Public Information
(850) 410-7001

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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