Our self-fettered press: has it gone too far?

Defense seeks touch DNA to question death row inmate’s guilt | Tampa Bay Times

Zeigler’s lawyers say it is clear police were not willing to consider other subjects once they zeroed in on Zeigler.

via Defense seeks touch DNA to question death row inmate’s guilt | Tampa Bay Times.


Police officers don’t prosecute cases. They can falsify reports, lie on the stand, destroy or alter evidence, etc., but when their misconduct come to light, officers can’t make prosecutors or courts ignore it. When prosecutors, judges and justices ignore evidence of police misconduct, they do so at will, and when they do, it is under Color of Law, which is a federal crime. It seems to me that when the mainstream media habitually fails to apprise the public of how our justice system is supposed to work – as it is currently doing – it could be construed either as conspiratorial conduct, or as Willful and Wanton Conduct. It’s time for U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to take these matters into her hands, as it is wildly unrealistic to expect the FBI to suddenly adhere to its mandate to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes.


Published on Dec 20, 2014

Press Conference Orlando
Lynne-Marie Carty

In 2013, Orange County, Orlando, Florida WFTV at our press conference on Mr. Zeigler’s 68th birthday, reporter Kathi Belich was very concerned. Her concern was about the rumors that were spread from the original case in 1975 that William Thomas Zeigler was ” gay” and cheating on Eunice in a ” sex ring” with 26 other prominent gay men in town. In 2013 TV reporter Kathi Belich was in fact, still repeating the vicious lies about Tommy’s Zeigler that his brother-in-law Perry Edwards Jr, successfully started and used to feed the prosecutions lead detective and sheriff, Don Frye and Robert Thompson. Perry Edwards Jr. made up these lies as a motive for the murders in order to point suspicion away from himself to get his brother-in-law Tommy convicted. It worked as you can see. Asking about Mr. Zeigler’s rumored homosexuality was a top priority for WFTV reporter Kathi Belich. At one of our pressers in Orlando we shared many of the stunning new developments we had recently unearthed, showing exonerating evidence on Mr. Zeigler’s behalf. However even with all the press, their microphones and cameras, they did not care to share much of our new evidence with their viewing audience. [emphasis added] It’s seems the prosecution and most of the press in Orange County, Orlando, Fl. make their own rules, including press black outs of new information that they don’t deem important to share with their viewers. The former Vice President of the Orlando Sentinel wrote to Florida’s Governor that he was certain that his newspaper helped convict Tommy Zeigler. [link to letter Ms. Carty referred to: https://wobblywarrior.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/towards-saving-tommy-from-the-horses-mouth-orlando-sentinels-coverage-was-dastardly/]


I’ve requested a rewrite of the Tampa Bay Times article that I opened this post with, as their article doesn’t address all of the details presented in the most recent documentary about Tommy, “A Question of Innocence” … which bears out investigator Lynne-Marie Carty’s claim of media disinterest.

Ms. Carty has posted a number of videos to YouTube about Tommy, and so has Citizen Advocate Ray McEachern. Please take some time to watch some of them via YouTube, as well as the documentary “A Question of Innocence” from the link below. Tommy is innocent, and it’s my hope that every activist and concerned citizen is already up-to-speed in the event Rick Scott signs a death warrant. Thank you.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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