@TheJusticeDept and @FBI needs to ask why @onetoughnerd and @SchuetteOnDuty won’t #FreeDavontaeSanford

Davontae Sanford
I posted the comment below to a Huffington Post article that featured videos of violence directed at incarcerated youths, as one of the videos appears to be of incarcerated innocent Davontae Sanford several years ago, when he was 16. Davontae didn’t learn that language he used in the video at home. His mother, Taminko, is a devout Christian whose faith has never wavered once, despite the godlessness of our justice system. She is just as certain that her faith alone will free her son as I am certain that it won’t … which is why I write post after post about Davontae. The language Davontae used is prison-taught. He was an immediate target of abuse by inmates and guards alike, being half-blind and developmentally delayed, on top of being so very young … he was 14 when Detroit police coerced a false confession from him. There is absolutely nothing that should trouble U.S. Attorney General Lorretta Lynch more than frame-ups that are held together by the superglue of public corruption, as the police, prosecutors and judges who will labor to keep an innocent incarcerated are capable of all manner of evil in every other aspect of their careers, and their personal lives.

Susan Chandler ·

Davontae Sanford, apparently the subject in one of the videos, was cleared on all involvement in the 2007 Runyon Street quadruple homicides by one of the actual shooters – hit man Vincent Smothers – in 2008.

Smothers has done more to try and free Davontae Sanford than any attorney or journalist. Davontae’s frame-up consisted of Detroit police coercing a false confession out of a mentally challenged suspect, just as they had done years earlier with Eddie Joe Lloyd, who was DNA exonerated after Michigan’s horrific prisons had taken an insurmountable toll on his health – he died within a few years of being freed.

The terms of Eddie Joe Lloyd’s settlement REQUIRED DETROIT POLICE TO RECORD INTERROGATIONS, and although that agreement was already in place, Detroit police claim they did not record their interrogating 14-year-old, half-blind, developmentally delayed Davontae Sanford. Davontae incorrectly identified the weapons used. He tested negative for gunshot residue. There was absolutely nothing that tied him to the drug related “hits,” and had a parent or guardian been present, there is no way that Davontae would have spent so much as a minute behind bars.

Michigan taxpayers have been defrauded of millions to continue to (often violently) persecute a disabled individual, with the permission of Governor Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette. Again, Vincent Smothers’ credible confession, leading to recovery of one of the weapons involved, was in 2008.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to @TheJusticeDept and @FBI needs to ask why @onetoughnerd and @SchuetteOnDuty won’t #FreeDavontaeSanford

  1. Roberto Guzman says:

    The injustices in this case stink to high heaven from the shady illegal conduct of Sergeant Russell to that of the overzealous immoral cover up everyone’s wrongdoings of the prosecutor and a judge who lacks the courage and decency to correct this monstrous injustice! When this is over the prosecutor herself should be put in prison for life because her repeated recalcitrant behavior in refusing to confess error is a crime of its own. Kym Worthy should be forcefully removed from office through impeachment by the county executive for her crimes. She is a criminal and an evil woman.


    • Thank you for commenting, Roberto. What confounds me concerning frame-ups everywhere is that governors – enormously powerful people, specifically tasked with law enforcement – don’t care, even when a disabled child is framed … Democrat Governor Granholm failed Davontae, and so has Republican Governor Snyder. To me, it’s the cowardice and cronyism of governors that keeps obvious frame-ups intact, and obviously malicious prosecutors on the job.


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