An opportunity to object to #NickelRides, #CowboyRides, #RoughRides

The Last Words Freddie Gray Ever Read? Baltimore Cops Leave Sadistic Messages Inside Police Vans | The Free Thought Project

Nickel rides are a horrific police torture tactic where a suspect is handcuffed and placed in the back of a police van without restraints, and driven recklessly around town by police officers. This practice has also been called a “Rough Ride” or a “Cowboy Ride.” Last year, Nickel Rides became notorious in Philadelphia, after a court case revealed that police were using this tactic as a witness-free way to punish unruly, uncooperative, or arrogant suspects – without ever laying a hand on them. For rogue police, it was a literal way to deliver “street justice.” The practice was exposed through the lawsuit of a man named James McKenna, who was awarded $490,000 after he was able to prove in court that he was intentionally injured during his ride in a police van.

via The Last Words Freddie Gray Ever Read? Baltimore Cops Leave Sadistic Messages Inside Police Vans | The Free Thought Project.


James McKenna was awarded $490,000 after he proved he was intentionally injured in a Philadelphia police van.

Baltimore resident Christine Abbott sued after she was badly injured in a bumpy, police van ride; in the same year, Anthony Anderson’s death was ruled a homicide, caused by injuries sustained in a police van. Obviously, Baltimore had time to address their officers’ insanity prior to Freddie Gray’s April homicide. But they apparently still haven’t … another woman – who now wishes not to be named – claims she was subjected to a rough ride in June. She said that a message on the inside of a door said, “Welcome to the Baltimore Police Department, enjoy your stay!”

I hope that the pictures in the linked article aren’t real, but I fear they are, given the second woman’s claim … in one picture, a message on the inside door panel of a alleged police van door says:

Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!

The pictures were taken by a woman who understandably only wants to be known as Laura … she wasn’t in custody, she was a passerby.

Please help keep all future riders in Baltimore police vans safe. Please call and/or email the Baltimore Police Department and insist that they respect due process and human rights … innocent until proven guilty, and never, ever to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, even if guilty. Thank you.

Phone: 410-396-2411 E-mail: E-mail the Central District

[Note: holding officers accountable will likely lead to holding privatized transporters accountable, as well. Please see my previous post, “FL man tortured by privatized service.”]

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