What do you know about Darren Rainey homicide, and Dade CI’s TCU shower torture?


A shower that reached temperatures in excess of 180 degrees was being used as a torturing devise to punish mentally disabled inmates in the Dade Correctional Institution Transitional Care Unit (TCU).

If you know of any inmates that were placed in this shower as punishment, or any inmates that witnessed this shower being used to torture another inmate, please do not comment on this post. Please instead send as much of the following information that you have at hand via email to wobblywarriors@gmail.com:

1) The name(s) and D.C. number(s) of any inmate who was subjected to the shower torture.

2) The name(s) and D.C. number(s) of any inmate who witnessed the shower torture.

3) The wing in which tortured inmate(s) was/were housed.

4) The date(s) on which the incident(s) happened.

5) The wing that the shower was located that was used as a torturing device.

6) The date(s) and details of any inmate grievance filed concerning the use of a shower for torture.

7) The date(s) and details of contacting other parties inside and outside of the Florida Department of Corrections whom you or an inmate felt should have been of assistance, but weren’t (governor, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, media, etc.).

This information is being gathered by two independent advocates who are unaffiliated with any government agency or non-profit organization, and the information is being gathered in light of the inaction – to date – at the local, state, federal and international level regarding the 2012 scalding homicide of Darren Rainey at Dade Correctional Institution TCU. The purpose of gathering information will be to document the full extent of the use of the shower as a torturing device, as well as the attempts made by inmates and their friends and families to have the use of shower become known. Compiling this information will help ensure the safety of inmates that either were tortured in the shower or witnessed the shower tortures, as well as ensure that state, federal and/or international agencies fully investigate and prosecute those that used the shower to torture and kill, along with parties that participated in covering up these events. Thank you very much for your anticipated assistance.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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