Guards killing inmates is “old school” per @DOCJulieJones, but school is still in session.

DOC secretary visits local troubled prison – WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

… we do have some people that are old school and we need to get them to think differently,” said Jones. It’s those guards Jones described that Mae Atkins fears killed her brother Matthew Walker inside CCI. “They beat my brother to death,” she said crying. “He told me if anything ever happens to him for me to look into it.”

via DOC secretary visits local troubled prison – WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida.


Without a death warrant with an appointed time and place, it isn’t lawful for any government employee to murder anyone who is in custody. This isn’t just true in the United States, it’s true all over the world.

Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones doesn’t grasp this concept; neither does Governor Rick Scott.

Ten corrections officers were fired in connection with Matthew Walker’s beating death. Nine were hired back; the 10th was apparently offered a position, as well.

Matthew Walker’s photo on the FDoC’s website (below) is unlike any other I’ve seen. A caption beneath it says:

Note: This photo was provided by a source outside the Florida Department of Corrections.

With years of knowing of statewide inmate abuse, neglect and violence by corrections officers, it makes me wonder what the official FDoC picture of Matthew Walker looks like.

If Julie Jones knew what she was doing, or at very least cared what she was doing, she’d have beat me to the punch in expressing concerns about that photo.

In the video from the link above, Jones spoke of feeding inmates better, and that hit a nerve … hard.

Many inmates can’t eat because their teeth are rotting out of their heads. For the same reason, they’re chronically ill, and often in excruciating pain. They are often charged copay after copay to see a dentist, who will promise care. That care is not provided, the inmate stays ill and in pain, files another request to see the dentist, and on and on and on it goes. Securing even Tylenol to take the edge off the pain is often made impossible by corrections officers.

By now, Julie Jones should have made unannounced visits to every single prison where there was a suspicious death. Her comments concerning each facility should never be about maintenance (another subject she addressed in the video from the above link), not only because corrections officers don’t do maintenance, but because no one in their right mind gives a damn about maintenance when inmates are being neglected, tortured and murdered.

Jones needs to go away. The battle to reduce and perhaps retract her ridiculously generous, multiple state pensions will come later. After all, she was at the center of the controversies of abuse of Florida’s DAVID system, a/k/a Facebook for Cops, while leading Florida Highway and Motor Vehicles. And for all I know, Jones leadership of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission could have been clouded, too.

The least credible excuse for the four admitted “hits” on me through DAVID/Facebook for Cops came from the FBI: they claimed, via snail mail, that they’ve never heard of me, despite having admitted to using DAVID to access my information and despite my filing numerous tips and complaints – one formal – and sending off numerous emails, a couple of which they answered. The FBI should have been all over Florida corrections officers killing inmates before it became commonplace, but the FBI is a rogue agency, concerned only with its reputation, not its mandated responsibilities.

With each passing day, it seems more concrete that Michael Crews was fired as FDoC Secretary for belatedly stepping up and firing homicidal corrections officers and taking other direct action, and that Julies Jones was hired to replace Crews for her expertise in putting public servants ahead of the public.

This means that Rick Scott has to go away, too.

Via Special Session of the legislature, Florida needs to enact a veto-proof recall or impeachment process – right now – as well legislators willing to immediately deploy it. As we have no legislative leaders with the content of character to create a recall or impeachment process and then rush to use it, the lazy, crazy corporate ass-kissing mainstream media will have to cease writing he said/she said articles that hardly ever involve anyone who can speak accurately to the matter at hand … they’ll have to write hard-charging articles that let Floridians know what hideous things are being done on their dimes, and in their names.

If the mainstream media doesn’t start being watchdogs, federal regulatory agencies will have no choice but to break up the ridiculous mega-mergers that they’ve allowed, which make it oh-so-easy to for the lazy, crazy, corporate ass-kissing lap dogs behaviors to continue.

We just passed the three year anniversary of Darren Rainey being scalded to death by Dade Correctional Institution corrections officers. No charges have been filed. The Medical Examiner’s report has not even been released. The mainstream media lap dogs remain silent about the Rainey inaction anniversary; they’re busy reporting about the jobs Rick Scott claims he’s bringing to Florida … of course, while underplaying Disney/ABC firing 250 Floridians and replacing them with guest workers from India, which didn’t deter Scott from holding a power-play pow wow at Disney World.

Matthew Walker’s official FDoC photo may have indicated that there was a beating prior to the one that killed him. That’s why I used Julie Jones Twitter address in the title: I’m throwing down. Jones produces rhetoric, not results, and her rhetoric is f*cking nuts, i.e.; claiming guards that killed an inmate should remain employed in corrections while learning to “think differently” despite six other suspicious deaths at Charlotte Correctional Institution aside from Walkers. Those deaths may have involved the same officers, or there may have been additional firings/rehirings.

Julie Jones is doing exactly what Rick Scott wants, which is to obstruct justice for Florida’s murdered inmates and their families. Please share this post if you don’t want what Jones and Scott want. Thank you.

Offender Picture

Matthew Walker’s photo is suspiciously from a outside source. The caption read, “Note: This photo was provided by a source outside the Florida Department of Corrections.” Walker was beaten to death by corrections officers. They faced no prosecution for their actions.

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