Iowa officer will do time for kicking accident victim in the head, but …

400-Pound Iowa Cop Sentenced for Brutally Kicking A Man Suffering from a Seizure in the Head | TruthVoice

The trial’s prosecuting attorney, Nicholas Klinefeldt, hopes the sentence will act as a deterrent for future cases of police brutality. Klinefeldt recommended the maximum sentence of of eight years in prison.“This case wasn’t just about an act of violence, it was about a breach of trust,” said Klinefeldt.

Boone, who has since been fired from the Des Moines police, had been accused of brutality in the past, court records show. The city of Des Moines chose to settle a lawsuit in 2009 after Boone broke a woman’s arm during a stop for an alleged DUI.

via 400-Pound Iowa Cop Sentenced for Brutally Kicking A Man Suffering from a Seizure in the Head | TruthVoice.


That officer Colin Boone weighs 400 pounds is neither here nor there: what matters is that Boone kicked accident victim Orville Hill in the head while he was having a seizure, and his fellow officers would not cover for him, nor would his superiors, or the prosecutors’ office.

Their standing together in condemnation of excessive force wasn’t a trifecta; nor a perfect storm, it was simply public services that we the people pay for, and hardly ever receive.

This is far more typical of what our tax dollars purchase in lieu of law and order:

On September 27, 2012, 73-year-old security guard Earl Brown was working the night-watchman shift at International Global Meats, a meat-processing plant in Lauderhill, when he noticed somebody trying to steal junk metal on the property. Wanting to be safe, Brown called police for help in apprehending the suspect.

But when Lauderhill Police Officers Matthew Maguire, Ryan Pearlman, and Edward McCormick arrived on the scene, they saw the elderly Brown, a black man, and ordered him to put his hands up. As Brown complied, McCormick noticed Brown had a gun — which was legal and a tool for his work — and shot him. The other officers joined in, firing several bullets at Brown, who fell to the pavement in a pool of his own blood.

The title of the article is Broward Cops Get Awards While Under Investigation for Fatal Shootings.

The awards were bogus. The officers were cleared of wrongdoing. Earl Brown’s widow was paid a paltry $300,000 settlement by taxpayers, including herself.

There are more stories in the article, none of which are anything like Colin Boone’s.


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