.@DOCJulieJones, @FL_Corrections, @FLGovScott: Who’ll be Dade C.I.’s 2015 suspicious death? Did he die already? – Updated

Dade Correctional Institution is deadly … like other Florida facilities.

2014: Lavar Valentin told Dade corrections officers that his cellmate threatened to kill him, and asked for protection. The officers ignored him. His cellmate killed him.


Lavar Valentin

2013: After suffering abuse from Dade corrections officers, Richard Mair filed a grievance. Corrections officer beat him mercilessly, off-camera, for doing so. He committed suicide to escape the abuse, writing a note naming his attackers, which authorities would not investigate.


Richard Mair

2012: Mentally ill Darren Rainey reportedly defecated in his cell at Dade, and refused to clean it up. Corrections officers put him in a closet-sized shower with external temperature controls – a punishment previously used on other inmates. The officers scalded Rainey to death. The skin melted off his body, for which the medical term is apparently “slippage.” The medical examiner has not yet released his report, no charges have been filed against officers. The third anniversary of Rainey’s homicide is TODAY.


Darren Rainey

If due attention had been paid to Darren Rainey’s homicide, corrections officers would have begun to behave themselves: it’s unlikely that Richard Mair would  have taken his own life, or that Lavar Valentin would have been murdered by his cellmate.

But all that Florida’s governors, attorney generals, legislators, corrections secretaries, law enforcement commissioners, chief inspectors general, etc. have done as similar deaths continue all over the state, year after bloody year, decade after bloody decade, is talk. And it isn’t just men and women who are dying, it’s children, too … both political parties in Florida have been the party of “Who Gives A F*ck?” for all the the days of the Dozier School for Boys, a/k/a the White House Boys. And that’s been perfectly okay with feds.

Please share this post, and send off a few choice to Governor Scott at Governor Rick Scott <Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com> to remind him that his job is to enforce laws, not rehash them in Executive Orders.

Again, the third anniversary of Darren Rainey’s scalding homicide is today, June 23rd. Thank you.

Update 8/12/15: As it turns out, there have been suspicious deaths at Dade C.I. in 2015 … two out of three occurred prior to the above post.

Name DC Number Date of Death Manner of Death
(What is this?)
Investigative Status
(What is this?)
DANIELS, RICHARD 262737 06/15/2001 Natural Closed
SIERRA, ARMANDO 080245 06/22/2002 Natural Closed
GIBSON, JOHNNY 789748 09/27/2002 Natural Closed
FIERSTOS, THOMAS 233263 02/23/2003 Natural Under Review
SHABAZZ, ABDULLA 654037 06/12/2003 Natural Closed
KIRKWOOD, GARY M S05312 12/26/2003 Natural Closed
ROGERS, DAVID B 427167 01/13/2004 Natural Closed
SMITH, JAMES 100791 01/29/2004 Natural Closed
BURWICK, ARTHUR H 075971 03/06/2004 Natural Closed
STAV, UZI G W13406 12/05/2004 Natural Closed
WASHINGTON, BOBBY F 493037 12/24/2004 Natural Closed
DELGADO, RAFAEL 402626 02/17/2005 Homicide Closed
THOMAS, CHARLIE 034793 12/21/2005 Natural Closed
DOBAL, LESLIE D B02154 12/23/2006 Natural Under Review
HARE, JAMES D 869647 09/10/2007 Suicide Closed
THOMAS, DANNY 403007 12/20/2007 Natural Closed
PERDOMO, LAZARO A 096965 12/31/2007 Natural Closed
WILLIAMS, PHILLIP E 603122 04/05/2009 Suicide Closed (Summary)
PETTIS, JASON A Y24656 02/22/2010 Suicide Closed (Summary)
TILLMAN, LENWOOD 232735 03/02/2010 Natural Closed
JENKINS, ANTHONY 732090 05/26/2010 Natural Closed
MEZA, AURELIO 577749 04/27/2011 Natural Closed
SEPLOW, DAVID S W30201 08/27/2011 Natural Closed
DAVIS, OSCAR L 481092 12/15/2011 Natural Closed
WILLIAMS, LYNWOOD N 484253 03/22/2012 Homicide Closed (Summary)
RAINEY, DARREN 060954 06/25/2012 Pending* OPEN – MDPD/FDLE (Summary)
WHITFIELD, DARRELL 084742 07/19/2012 Accident Closed (Summary)
SMITH, PHILLIP P 747025 02/01/2013 Natural Closed
GLEE, FRANKIE L 074545 03/23/2013 Natural Closed
JACKSON, BOBBY L 038858 03/31/2013 Natural Closed
LEDFORD, ROBERT J J15418 05/17/2013 Natural Closed
MAIR, RICHARD S E28783 09/11/2013 Suicide Closed (Summary)
TORRES, ROBERTO B00900 11/17/2013 Natural Closed
GAINEY, ALVIN L 040754 05/13/2014 Natural Closed
BRANHAM, MICHAEL C01275 07/10/2014 Pending* Open – FDLE
VALENTIN, LAVAR M B09412 07/28/2014 Pending* Open – MDPD / FDLE
MCGEE, DANIEL 783579 03/22/2015 Pending* Open-MDPD
BROWN, ERNEST J 076485 05/08/2015 Pending* Open-MDPD
ATWELL, DAVID R 019724 07/19/2015 Pending* Open-MDPD

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    Lavar m valentin was my uncle


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