Papa’s @Crowell_Moring attny gives @Florida_Today 1 thumbs down; deserved 2


Crosley ‘Papa’ Green

Attorney: Crosley Green item inaccurate

Editorials should be based on accurate facts. Your editorial regarding Crosley Green gives a “thumbs up” to the Brevard County prosecutor, stating that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement took “a new DNA sample from Green and matched it to hair found in the dead man’s truck.” But it’s simply not true. There is no DNA evidence match with Mr. Green. In fact, the crime scene provided no physical evidence that matched to Mr. Green — no blood, no fingerprints and no DNA match.

via Attorney: Crosley Green item inaccurate.


Crosley “Papa” Green knows about other Brevard frame-ups. When I wrote to him years ago, I wrote to Jeff Abramowski, Bill Dillon and Monte Adams at the same time, switching the order of the their names with each letter.

So far, only Bill has been exonerated (2008).

Florida Today‘s “reporting” and editorializing plays a significant role in keeping Brevard’s frame-ups intact … scores more than just the men I mentioned.

FT reporters have an allergy to research (even if it only requires checking their archives), and FT editors have an affinity for giving equal weight to unequal statements … public servants’ gross misrepresentations, and innocents’ truthful representations.

All Gannett newspapers seem to roll the same way.

The Detroit Free Press‘ reporting on Davontae Sanford’s false conviction is rarely even worth reading. They seem to have more sympathy for the devils that framed a 14-year-old, half blind, developmentally delayed child for a quadruple homicide then they do Davontae. Vincent Smothers, one of the actual shooters in that homicide, confessed to it in 2008 and named his accomplice. Unlike Davontae, he knew what weapons were used, and pointed police straight to one of them.

USA Today called a phony “all clear” on frame-ups using charlatan dog handler John Preston in the mid-1990’s, focusing on Juan Ramos’ 1987 acquittal at retrial in Brevard County, and failing to mention that Preston had been discredited in Dale Sutton’s federal case in 1982, with Sutton released in January of 1983.

This resulted in Gerald Stano and Linroy Bottoson’s executions (1998 and 2002, respectively). Gerald was convicted in Brevard County, Linroy was convicted in neighboring Orange County – with FBI participation, so USA Today’s “reporting” served to cover up yet another FBI forensics scandal, aside from their debunked Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis and aside from their debunked hair and fiber analysis. Preston was far from the only DNA-discredited dog handler than the FBI used; there may be hundreds of intact false convictions.

Papa’s attorney should have written more. He should have called out FT for implying that Florida’s higher courts are less corrupt than Brevard courts, which they’re not.

That insupportable implication was made by John Torres in FT‘s “Torres: State Attorney stands by Green conviction” in paraphrasing State Attorney Phil Archer:

He does make a good argument in that many other judges — including the Florida Supreme Court — have looked at the evidence and conduct of prosecution in this case and have not overturned Green’s conviction.

Florida’s higher courts can’t rightly remember that the FBI’s Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis has been completely debunked, not found somewhat less accurate. They can’t  rightly remember scent evidence is junk science or even DNA-disgraced dog handler John Preston’s name – despite three upset Florida convictions. And they can’t remember which prosecutors and state attorneys names are mud because of their serial use of Preston, like prosecutor Chris White, who continues to persecute Papa, although retired … which allowed State Attorney Phil Archer to lie about Chris White’s competency and content of character, in the same FT Torres article:

“White is a highly respected attorney and a good man,” Archer said. “He served as a prosecutor for over 36 years handling hundreds of homicide and violent felony cases and received both local and state honors for his work as a prosecutor. He dedicated his professional career to making our community safer and deserves our thanks, not criticism.”

Clarence Zacke named Chris White as one of his coaches for swearing falsely against both Gerald Stano and Wilton Dedge, which managed to stick in my clinically damaged memory, yet not in the memory of Florida’s higher courts … there’s so much they can’t rightly remember that justice is unavailable in Florida. Just yet.

The other coach that Clarence Zacke named was then-prosecutor John Dean Moxley, who was also involved in Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and Bill Dillon’s prosecutions. More than a year after John Preston was found a fraud in Dale Sutton’s federal case, Moxley put Preston on the stand – knowing he’d been discredited – to testify against Gary Bennett, who remains framed, more than 31 years later. Brevard Judge W. David Dugan, who presided over Gary’s latest hearings, couldn’t rightly remember the time frame on Preston, or his being discredited by 1) actual perpetrator, 2) skill testing, 3) DNA (x2). This despite being involved in hearings for Wilton Dedge and Bill Dillon. Orange County accepted transfer of Gary’s prosecution, as they couldn’t rightly remember the conflicts of interest posed by having used Preston to prosecute Linroy Bottoson, and playing a role in “investigating” Preston at then-Governor Bob Graham’s direction.

What has all this to do with Papa, aside from “scent evidence” being used against him? If memory serves, Papa was arraigned before John Dean Moxley, who was as corrupt a judge as he was a prosecutor.

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