What @RBReich didn’t know to address in his #MassIncarceration video

Published on Jun 16, 2015

Robert Reich says that there’s nothing just about our criminal justice system. It’s racist and destructive. It’s not making us safer. And it’s a disaster for our economy.


If newspaper and newscast editors had any honest bones in their bodies, Robert Reich would have known to address the likelihood that more than 10% of the incarcerated are innocent in this video, and known enough to name the primary Bad Actor in this national disgrace: the FBI.

The FBI cannot continue to be entrusted to be the agency that addresses public corruption that affects trial outcomes, as the FBI generates a great deal of the public corruption that affects trial outcomes … their debunked forensics and the phony experts they’ve availed themselves of are only part of it, but a huge part, affecting tens of thousands of trial outcomes, if not hundreds of thousands.

Incarcerating innocents has no upside – it leaves robbers, rapists and murderers free to commit new crimes.

The historic hypocrisy in media portrayals of the FBI’s competence and diligence reached a tipping point in 2007, when the FBI reported that – within a short, post-911 time frame – 160 agency laptops and 160 agency weapons had been “lost or stolen.” Given the screechy, irrational media claims that Snowden’s four secure laptops threatens life as we know it, the media should have done more than just mention the FBI’s “lost or stolen” anything-but-secure laptops in passing.

The FBI has made no improvements since Patrick Leahy issued the 2007 press release below. Agent Booth is fiction; this press release is fact. Placing blind trust in the FBI is zealotry, not patriotism … it’s a rogue agency. And it’s keeping justice unavailable.





About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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3 Responses to What @RBReich didn’t know to address in his #MassIncarceration video

  1. heathermom55 says:

    Last Friday after visiting with Nikko. I wandering around the parking lot for 10 minutes or so. For the life of me I couldn’t remember where I parked. Honestly it was quite embarrassing. I remember thinking what the heck is wrong with me? The parking lot is not that big. After each visit with Nikko it takes me a day or so to come out of a fog. Seeing the effects of long term solitary confinement first hand… The undeniable brutality and cruelty of people being tortured is shocking to say the least. Nikko being my son, draws on maternal instincts as well. As Nikkos mother I instinctually want to protect him from such cruel torture. Or at the very least stop it from continuing. I can do neither. I guess that explains the fog. As I put my hand on the glass that separates us… Looking into Nikko’s eyes telling him goodbye… How much I love him and stay safe… The fact is I’m leaving Nikko in solitary confinement to receive further torture. I’m Powerless in this situation. Is crippling. The image of three guards escorting Nikko. He has trouble walking because of the shackles have cut into his ankle bone with every step the metal bracelet goes into an open wound. As I am waiting on death row. Nikko is NOT on death row but because it is a no contact visit death row is where visitation is. I’m not excusing Nikko from any crimes. Nikko was sent to Prison for punishment not to be punished or tortured… The effects will last a lifetime. Not just with Nikko but my entire family… The only thing I can and will do is visit Nikko every week. I have witnessed these visits having positive amazing effects on Nikko. As Nikkos Mother I’m very important in Nikkos life. As he is in mine. I had no clue or idea how important. In such a powerless situation the visits empowered Nikko and I both. Yes I visit Nikko on death row. There is a piece of glass separating us. The visits are limited to two hours. Despite all of these facts…. The visitation has awakened Nikko. First with Basic instruction like eat, exercise and read. Continually visiting every week. Just talking with Nikko engaging reassuring his importance in our family his how much he is loved, needed and valued. In a powerless situation I have been empowered. Thank You from the depths of my soul. Making it possible me to visit with Nikko… Heather http://www.gofundme.com/uj5nt98

    • I’m sorry for what you and your son are going through, Heather. I know that although Nikko is 5’10”, he weighed only 136 pounds the last time his information was updated on the Florida Department of Corrections website … and he looked unwell.

      If prisons were cleared of inmates that don’t belong there – those that are too ill or elderly to commit additional crimes, those who are there for minor marijuana possession, those that were denied parole based on libels written by knowingly corrupt corrections officers, those that belong in mental health institutions – Florida’s prison system would be well on its way to controlling costs and being able to reasonably rehabilitate – rather than neglect and abuse – the remaining inmates.

      As you know all too well, our governor, legislature, and department of corrections are as disinterested in cost savings as they are rehabilitation. Mass incarceration is a cash cow for predatory corporations, one that all three branches of Florida governor are eager to keep feeding, despite their contrary constitutional and statutory obligations, and fiduciary responsibilities to the public.

      Best of luck to you and Nikko and all others like you as we fight to force our public servants to actually serve the public.

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