Brevard paramedic to be charged (sorta) for dumping a patient on the floor

Charges reduced for paramedic seen on video dumping man off… |

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. —The State Attorney’s Office has released video of an incident that led to the firing of a Brevard County firefighter and paramedic. Kenneth Hallenbeck, 35, was fired from his job in March after he was seen on video throwing cancer patient James Slater, 49, onto an emergency room floor. Slater said he refused to leave the stretcher because no beds were available after Hallenbeck wheeled him into the Weustoff Medical Center in Rockledge, and Hallenbeck lost his temper.“He started screaming and then grabbed the gurney and picked it up and threw me on the floor. That’s when the guy behind the counter said, ‘You need to go call your boss, I have to call the police department,’” Slater said. Hallenbeck was initially charged with abuse of the elderly or disabled, which is a felony, but the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

via Charges reduced for paramedic seen on video dumping man off… |


The video from the link above shows James Slater being improperly transferred to the floor about three minutes in.

Those who follow Brevard’s wayward public servants might get somewhat excited over Kenneth Hallenbeck facing any criminal charge at all, but that would be a mistake.

Also in the news is this Brevard in-custody death of a child, and this threatened Brevard malicious prosecution of an emotionally disturbed child, and this circus of Brevard judicial impropriety, which increasingly appears will not result in the judge’s termination.

Some reports stated that James Slater is a terminally ill cancer patient. If true, the concept of imminent death not being disabling seems legal hair-splitting at its ugliest.

I write more about Brevard’s scores of frame-ups than I do its violence. That’s because the violence continues with the consent of the State Attorney’s Office … busting frame-ups will bust the past and present public attorneys that protect public servants ahead of the public.

The officers who kicked, tazed and beat dementia suffering, minority business owner Albert Flowers so badly that he was hospitalized for nearly a month were not fired, barred from law enforcement or charged with a misdemeanor. And the difference between the officers’ fates and Kenneth Hallenbeck’s boils down to where the incidents took place … Albert Flowers was attached on the streets in the view of ordinary citizens, James Slater was dumped on a hospital floor, with medical professionals observing.

Location, location, location should only apply to real estate, but at present it applies to the availability of justice and equal protection under the law.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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