Florida demonstrates how not to reform a prison system

Naked Politics – Department of Corrections | Miami Herald & MiamiHerald.com

“Mr. Cannon’s leadership, compassion and correctional experience have had a positive impact on our Department,” said DOC Secretary Julie Jones in a statement. He will be replaced by Ricky Dixon as interim deputy secretary of institutions, Jones said.

“God has richly blessed me during my career,” Cannon said in his retirement note to Jones. “I have developed long lasting friendships and relationships with both staff and inmates that have enriched my life.

via Naked Politics – Department of Corrections | Miami Herald & MiamiHerald.com.


The three year anniversary of Darren Rainey being scalded to death by guards at Dade Correctional Institution is June 23rd.

The medical examiners report hasn’t been released yet.

During the years since Darren Rainey’s death, we’ve witnessed ineffective shuffling of personnel along with dismissals and retirements. We’ve witnessed emotional Florida House and Senate hearings, which served only to waste Floridians time and dimes, as no legislation was passed. We’ve witnessed Rick Scott leap into absurdity with an Executive Order that rehashed existing laws, rather than leap into action by enforcing existing laws. And – worst of all – we’re witnessed more prison abuse, neglect and violence … including suicides and homicides.

While embattled corrections employee whistleblowers and endangered inmates that witnessed abuse, neglect and violence continue to demand actual change, public servants responsible for prison reform engage in meaningless activities that serve to accelerate the costs of our corrections system, and fill caskets.

Tim Cannon, like many other Florida public servants, is big on talking about God. There is nothing and no one that participated in keeping Darren Rainey and other dead inmates from resting in peace that God would bless. If Tim Cannon can’t understand this, there’s no sense him waiting until July 31st to retire … he should leave now.

Darren Rainey, the mentally ill inmate, who died in a scalding, hot shower years ago.


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