@MarcoRubio wasn’t showing up for his day job in 2011, either

Marco Rubio Is Too Busy Running For President to Show Up at His Day Job | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

“He is one of the only senators with young children who has not moved his family to D.C., and tries to spend as much time in Florida with them as possible,” Rubio spokesman Alex Conant told POLITICO. “In addition to his parental responsibilities, in recent years he’s also had to return to Florida and miss votes due to his mother’s health and civic responsibilities like jury duty.”

via Marco Rubio Is Too Busy Running For President to Show Up at His Day Job | New Times Broward-Palm Beach.


An AP article run by the Washington Post in 2011 proclaimed that Marco Rubio was indeed paying attention to his day job, not to aspirations of becoming the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. But the same article announced that Rubio was publishing another book. The Washington Post took down the link that I’d previously published to the AP story, here’s a substitute AP/Newsmax link that claims Rubio simultaneously was/wasn’t focused on being a U.S. senator back then. (Look quickly, the link will likely go dead.)

The AP ignored the fact that Rubio was teaching at Florida International University, another indicator his U.S. Senator day job wasn’t capturing all of the attention that was left over after writing his book.

I have a big issue with Florida International University, which I’ve harped on. Kenneth Furton – now a FIU provost – was a multi-year federal (and other) grant recipient in connection with studying unique human scent … which was obviously no longer a legitimate science when the Three Wise Men brought frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. (Pdf info on three grants Furton received in 2010 appears below.)

Furton testified for murder suspect Casey Anthony, which got endless attention, and for DNA-discredited dog handler Keith Pikett, which got hardly any attention at all, even though Pikett mucked up about 2,500 criminal investigations by pretending his dogs could identify human scent.

The convictions resulting from Pikett’s false testimony remain intact, for the most part, but the media will continue to direct your attention to Casey Anthony, while Pikett’s innocent victims – likely hundreds of them – are warehoused in our hell-on-earth prison system, along with the victims of other DNA-discredited dog handlers, like John Preston, who participated in @1,000 criminal investigations, scores of them resulting in Florida frame-ups.

The media will direct your attention away from Pikett and Preston and towards Anthony because …

Feds used Pikett and Preston, as they did other DNA-discredited dog handlers, and unique human scent is only a small part of the discredited forensics that the media is helping the FBI to keep buried. The biggest forensic scandal by far is the FBI’s discredited hair and fiber analysis, which they’re trying to pretend only affected a couple thousand cases, not tens of thousands of cases.

For all I know, the three pages below suggest other scandals. You know who should know if they do? Marco Rubio. And Jeb Bush. The former is employed there in an apparently adjunct position (without the typical adjunct starvation wages), and the latter claims to know everything there is to know about education, but seems to really only know how to help his cronies make money from privatizing education (which necessitated paying adjuncts starvation wages). Both men want to be our president. Neither should be.





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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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