Buddy Caldwell strikes again, prevents Albert Woodfox’s release. Please sign petition.

Court temporarily blocks release of ‘Angola 3’ inmate :: WRAL.com Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is appealing the order by U.S. District Judge James Brady, saying Woodfox is a killer who should remain locked up. The stay by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans blocks his release until 1 p.m. Friday, providing time for the court to decide whether to accept the state’s appeal. via Court temporarily blocks release of ‘Angola 3’ inmate :: WRAL.com.


Update 2/19/16: My sincere thanks to everyone who signed the petitions and otherwise fought to free the last of the “Angola 3” scapegoats, Albert Woodfox. According to The Guardian, Albert will be released today. My heart isn’t soaring, because I suspect that Albert may be as ill as Herman Wallace was when he was released … Herman only had two days of freedom. Similarly, there’s no relief in knowing that US Supreme Justice Scalia is now lying in state, not lying in wait to sucker punch yet more citizens on corrupt public servants’ behalves. Between the unknown condition of Albert’s health and the unknown of whether Scalia’s successor will be as bad or worse, there are too many variables to break out the champagne. We know today – on Albert’s release day – what we knew on Herman’s release day … that if enough people pull together, over the long haul, that petitions work. It’s not only enough, it’s everything. Over the long haul.


I’ve no doubt that Buddy Caldwell thinks he’s brilliant, and is basing his opinion on having successfully argued to preserve absolute immunity from prosecution for public attorney misconduct and incompetence before the U.S. Supreme Court in Harry Connick Sr v John Thompson.

But the truth is this: the decision was going to be 5 – 4 no matter who presented the arguments, even a mime – because the majority of SCOTUS Justices are sell-outs … corporations are people; money is free speech; up is down; effete is elite.

I take SCOTUS selling out personally. The Justices not only had every reason to review William “Tommy” Zeigler’s Orange County, Florida frame-up, they had an obligation to review Tommy’s frame-up. Who the heck are the unfab five to leave Floridians saddled with so very many corrupt public servants, including the majority of our state supreme court justices?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg authored the dissent in Connick v Thompson. It’s sane. It’s solid. And it’s a cautionary tale like no other.

Every juror should read Ginsburg’s dissent, so that they’ll be able to tell if they’re watching a raunchy performance, instead of a righteous prosecution.

Lives and freedoms depend on us educating ourselves.

Today, it’s Albert Woodfox’s life and freedom at stake, tomorrow it could be yours.

Please sign and share Amnesty International USA’s new petition to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to “Let Albert walk free.” Thank you.

Albert Woodfox in 2012. Louisiana's Attorney General has called Woodfox the

Albert Woodfox

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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