Britain’s mammals under threat

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Many unique species will increasingly face extinction unless drastic measures are taken to safeguard their survival, argues PETER FROST.

JUST a few weeks ago I reported on threats to our native hedgehog species Erinaceus europaeus, and how — without some important human assistance — it might be extinct within 15 years.


Unfortunately it is just one of a number of seriously threatened British mammal species in Britain. Some of them I have dealt with in previous ramblings and some I’m sure I’ll have more to say about in future columns.

Here is Frosty’s Red List: the Scottish wildcat, European hare, hazel dormouse, red squirrel, water vole, bottlenose dolphin, harbour porpoise (below) and greater horseshoe bat.


Some, like the European otter, are doing so well I might just be ready to remove them from the list — but for now they still need help and encouragement to thrive. The otter, once…

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