“My f*ck the world, I’m outta here note” = FL needs an impeachment process, NOW


Richard Mair – an early Florida Department of Corrections photo

I took Richard Mair’s 2013 suicide at Dade Correctional Institution very hard, and not only because it resulted from his inability to cope with the guards’ physical abuse that was allowed to continue after they scalded Darren Rainey to death in 2012.

I knew that Richard refused Brevard deputy Gary Harrell’s offer of a “walk” in trade for lying on the stand about Jeff Abramowski, who was ultimately framed with perjured testimony regarding DNA test results.

Richard Mair sworn statement

Even though it contained a description of being brutally beaten by guards, out of concern for the inmates that remain at Dade CI, I won’t publish Richard Mair’s suicide note … the year after Richard’s suicide, Lavar Valentin’s pleas for protection from his Dade CI cellmate fell on deaf ears, resulting in Lavar’s homicide. We have only our public servants word that prison conditions are improving, and their word is worth nothing.

What I will instead publish is the medical examiner’s report on Richard’s death … because it drives home the point that it makes no sense whatsoever that Darren Rainey’s medical examiner report – a year older – is still being withheld.

Every Dade CI death should be under an equal amount of scrutiny.

Public scrutiny.

Because the public needs to see all the reasons why they need to get very angry, and call Governor Rick Scott to remind him that his job is to enforce existing laws (which don’t allow guards to abuse, neglect or kill inmates), and that it is not his job pretend to reform our prisons with pen swipes on a preposterous Executive Order. Floridians need to see enough to get angry and call their legislators, too, to remind them they have a responsibility to beef up existing laws when they are being disregarded, including authoring veto-proof legislation that makes it possible to rid ourselves of a governor that won’t enforce our laws.

We need an impeachment process, or a recall process: we’ve needed it for decades, and particularly need it now, before our legislators waste more of the public’s time with treks to Tallahassee for hearings that will go nowhere and accomplish nothing, and lead to nothing but more bloodshed and more tears shed, and more taxpayers dollars being wasted on wrongful death suits.

Richard stood up for Jeff. And he stood up for fellow Dade C.I. inmates … until he couldn’t take officers’ abuse any longer. Please stand up for Richard. Share this post. Thank you.0001zY




Richard Mair – final Department of Corrections photo

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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6 Responses to “My f*ck the world, I’m outta here note” = FL needs an impeachment process, NOW

  1. Jamie Abramowski says:

    My father Jeffrey Abramowski is the man that Richard Mair refused to falsely testify against in his 2006 murder trial. As stated above, Mr Mair was given information about the murder by detective Gary Harrell in which he would then be rewarded with a lessened sentence. Mr Mair did an honorable thing and tried to help my innocent father. Unfortunately my dad was still convicted on other bogus lies and is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his good friend. My dad continues to fight for his life and his freedom. He is a United States Coast Guard veteran who would give anyone the shirt off of his back, even if he didn’t have another for himself. The man he is accused of murdering was his friend, someone he spent countless times with, helping and being a support system to. A week or 2 before the murder of Mr Courtney Crandall, my dad jumped in front of a man named Bruce Foley trying to beat Mr Crandall with a golf club. This same man’s blood was also found in the deceased’s master bathroom sink after stating he hadn’t been to the house in a long amount of time. Mr Crandall was found with a clump of his mistresses hair in his hand, which was Bruce’s mother. Bruce, his mother Judy Foley and her sister all fled Florida on the weekend of the murder, each having a different account of when they left and what happened along the way. During that weekend, my father turned himself in to Brevard county jail on a VOP driving offense and was charged with the murder and given no bond. Why would he turn himself in if there was any chance of him being charged with the murder of his friend??? There was absolutely NO evidence pointing to my dad. The only thing that the state had going for them was the fact that my father had an attorney that had no murder trial experience. The state medical examiner sold the jury DNA evidence stating the DNA matched 2 out of 15 loci and it was a definite match, when in reality it is no where near a match! My dad did not and would not murder a person, let alone his friend. There was no evidence to convict him, so why is he still there after 13 years? The state of Florida and Brevard County does not want to admit another failed and fradulent conviction. This is not right and this needs to be fixed. I need my father, my little brother who is now an adult, needs his father. Our lives have been shattered and broken into pieces, we need help and we need to get the word out. As a 16 year old girl I sat through my dad’s trial never once thinking he would never come home. As I walked through the halls of the court house Detective Harrell smiled at me, knowing all too well what would happen. He knew what he was doing, he was proud of his work. His actions as well as the work of the prosecutors will not break me or my father and in the end we will prevail, my dad will come home to where he belongs, with his children and grandchildren. Thank you Susan for all you do! If there is anyone who can help or point me in the right direction, or maybe even do an interview/talk with my father please email me at abramowski9@yahoo.com.


    • Thanks for telling your dad’s story, Jamie, and for stating so firmly that you will prevail, and that he will come home. We both know that another inmate bravely refused to swear falsely against your dad, too, but made it all the way to the courtroom before making up his mind, backing down in front of the judge … and that he also supplied your dad with a sworn document. We’ve disproved the false DNA testimony, we’ve disproved the false allegation of your dad making a purchase at a Melbourne Walmart (which actually took place in an Orlando mall) that attempted to put your dad in the proximity of the crime. They have nothing on your dad but perjured testimony from public servants and the actual criminals, because two inmates were too honorable to add any coached false testimony. I’m so proud of you for staying so strong – it hardly seems possible that it’s been over six years since we met. I so hope that the media picks up on your dad’s story … it’s so important that the public realize that Brevard didn’t stop framing innocents at the turn of the century.


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