Don’t worry, Papa: @48Hours is wrong about your last chance at freedom

Crosley Green’s last chance for freedom – CBS News

“I didn’t kill that young man,” Crosley Green told Moriarty.

Today, 25 years after Green was sentenced to death for the murder of Flynn, there is new compelling evidence that the wrong person may have been sent to prison and the killer is still free.

via Crosley Green’s last chance for freedom – CBS News.


[Update 12/12/15: It seems that there may be a reason that the FBI and those responsible for its oversight deliberately overlook Brevard’s deadly decades of conviction and peripheral corruption … reciprocity. Please see this post concerning George Trofimoff, who made the mistake of retiring among former feds, in Brevard.]

Corrupt Brevard County prosecutors have basked in the protection of the FBI and Department of Justice for decades – framing innocents left and right, into this century – and the reason why can be narrowed down to one man and one newspaper.

That one man is former Florida legislator/Governor/U.S. Senator Bob Graham; that one newspaper is the Washington Post, formerly owned by Graham’s family, with family financial ties retained after the paper’s sale to’s Jeff Bezos. (The Graham family currently publishes Slate.)

Bob Graham served on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee for ten years, and during that ten years, never held the FBI accountable for its phony forensics.

The phony forensics Graham was likely most familiar with wasn’t the FBI’s bogus Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis or bogus hair and fiber analysis, it was more likely “scent evidence,” as Graham had – as Florida’s governor – sham-investigated dog handler John Preston in order to find the perhaps 100 Florida frame-ups he was responsible for credible. (Other Preston frame-ups are still intact elsewhere; Virginia’s Stephen Epperly is likely innocent, given the documented prosecutorial misconduct).

“Familiar” and “sham” are indeed the right word as regards Bob Graham’s knowledge of bogus “scent evidence.” When Graham supposedly investigated John Preston, he’d already been resoundingly discredited in Dale Sutton’s Ohio federal case in 1982 … Sutton was released from custody in January of 1983. What Graham was apparently attempting to do was to help Florida’s corrupt prosecutors – especially Brevard’s – save face, no matter what.

In January of 1984, corrupt Brevard County prosecutors, KNOWING of Sutton’s exoneration, put Preston on the stand yet again, against Gary Bennett. The proof of foreknowledge is in a January 30, 1984 Sentinel article about Gary’s conviction, “Legal foes differ on value of dog’s nose,” which I’ve previously published.

It gets crazier. During the Graham administration, Preston’s supposed “trainer” – Thomas McGinn – was investigated here in St. Lucie County by current State Attorney Bruce Colton for frauds involving the purchase, sale and training of K-9’s … McGinn misrepresented the purchase price of dogs to inflate the sale price, and falsified training records. Whether McGinn did or didn’t “train” Preston became a silly question – what two confirmed liars say about one another means nothing to anyone in their right mind.

The FBI’s problem with “scent evidence” was that they had used numerous dog handlers (including their own), none of which – to my knowledge – had his testimony stand up to DNA. While John Preston was prolific – tainting @1,000 criminal investigations – Keith Pikett beat him by a country mile, tainting @2,500 criminal investigations. There were other DNA-discredited dog handlers the FBI used, and their own dogs couldn’t hunt. That Florida International University’s Kenneth Furton testified FOR Keith Pikett (and therefore against DNA) wasn’t mysterious once the money was followed … Furton was a multi-year federal grant recipient for refining “scent evidence,” which can never be accomplished – humans haven’t had unique scent identifiers since long before the Wise Men delivered frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. Furton testified FOR Casey Anthony, too, and has moved up to provost at FIU.

To out the FBI while serving in Senate Intelligence Oversight, Graham would have had to out himself, which he wouldn’t do even to save two lives. John Preston participated in the investigations of Gerald Stano (Brevard County) and Linroy Bottoson (Orange County); Gerald was executed in 1998; Linroy was executed in 2002, at which times – if memory serves – Graham was on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, supposedly holding the FBI to its mandate to ensure that the outcome of trials wasn’t affected by public corruption.

Gerald’s conviction held despite the sworn testimony of several officers that he was a serial confessor, not a serial killer, and despite the jailhouse informant – Clarence Zacke – recanting. Zacke didn’t just recant his testimony against Gerald; he recanted his testimony against Wilton Dedge, too. And Zacke named his coaches … prosecutors John Dean Moxley and Chris White, who had the ice-cold nerve to lie to CBS’ 48 Hours’ Erin Moriarity – once again – about Crosley Green’s frame-up. Wilton wasn’t freed until 2004, by a second round of DNA testing that reconfirmed his innocence. I don’t know if Wilton knows – to this day – that Zacke recanted in time to save Gerald, in time to free him in 1998, not 2004.

The FBI participated in Linroy’s Orange County prosecution, so the conviction held despite the testimony of an actual dog handler that countered Preston’s perjuries, and despite the recantation of the jailhouse informant. And despite Linroy’s nearly lifelong mental illness – paranoid schizophrenia. When Linroy had attempted to rob a bank in California (because God told him to), the manager immediately realized that Linroy had mental problems. Linroy accepted the $200 the manager offered, and left. When Linroy was told that he had killed a Florida postal worker (hence the federal involvement), he believed it was no problem, because he could raise her from the dead.

The FBI and other federal agencies have incredibly strong ties to Central Florida, particularly Brevard, where the Kennedy Space Center and Patrick Air Force Base are situated. The defense industry and the surveillance industry thrive there,  (and the trickle down effect is minimal). My former employment in Brevard at Harris Corporation, particularly my involvement in NCIC 2000, now embarrasses me … their Stingray surveillance products ought to end up stinging only them.

What may well end the Graham-family facilitated nationwide nightmare of tens of thousands of innocents being incarcerated over the FBI’s proprietary phony forensics (like Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis) and non-proprietary phony forensics (hair and fiber analysis, “scent evidence,” etc.) is one man, and one television network.

That man is Sumner Redstone. That television network is CBS, home of Erin Moriarity and 48 Hours.

Do I think Redstone can do it? Yes, indeed.

Whether Redstone will do it will likely depend on how hard we, the people, push for him to be the anti-Graham.

If Redstone signs on and relentlessly digs in (like he’s seeking an acquisition), the US Supreme Court will have to change its twisted take on absolute immunity for prosecutorial misconduct … instead of Ruth Bader Ginsburg authoring the minority opinion on making it go away, John Roberts himself will have to author the majority opinion on making it go away. Then Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeals as well as Florida’s Supreme Court won’t be able to routinely pretend they don’t know who John Preston is or that “scent evidence” is junk science, and that they don’t know which prosecutors initiated frame-ups, and which judges furthered them.

Please watch Erin Moriarity’s 48 Hours segment about Crosley Green linked above, before it’s no longer available. Then please sign this petition, “like” this Facebook page and share this post. Let’s get Crosley Green home for Christmas, along with as many other framed innocents as we possibly can. And let’s get prosecutors like Chris White and John Dean Moxley behind bars, where they belong. Let’s stand together to make sure that no court – not even the US Supreme Court – continues to obstruct justice, in the name of justice. Thank you.

(If you opened the FBI dogs don’t hunt link above, you’re likely curious about the outcome of draining the pond. The FBI found something, but it wasn’t anthrax-related … they found a turtle trap. And we taxpayers paid out a boatload to compensate the pond’s harassed owner.)


Crosley ‘Papa’ Green

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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13 Responses to Don’t worry, Papa: @48Hours is wrong about your last chance at freedom

  1. Mr. Militant Negro says:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.


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  4. dan vase says:

    Kim is a killer hope she gets jail time soon same with that big shot Chris they both need go jail. Mr green need let go.


    • Thanks, Dan. I believe that former prosecutor Chris White is such a horrid man that it would be too much to ask of corrections officers to keep him safe – he’s helped frame so many innocents. I’d like to see all his worldly assets seized, with him on house arrest – in the most modest of homes – for the rest of his life. If Kim Hallock isn’t Skip Flynn’s killer, she knows who is, and that it isn’t Crosley “Papa” Green. I had hoped that the dog handler who claimed he tracked Papa would fess up, but it seems that most of the people who participate in frame-ups go to their graves without ever finding their consciences.


  5. billie says:

    it blows my mind that Chris White can even attempt to defend his actions.. starting from believing the lies his ‘neighbor’ Kim Hallock told since day one. She did nit agree to an interview because she knows she’d be eaten alive. Theres a special place in hell for the both of them. I dont know how they sleep at night.


    • In the documentary “After Innocence,” Chris White ripped into (now DNA exonerated) Wilton Dedge like he was the most hideous human being ever born, all the while knowing that Wilton was innocent. White looked and sounded absolutely crazy. Perhaps he is, and perhaps that’s how he sleeps at night.


  6. Melissa Dougherty says:

    It’s obvious that Kim Hollack lied and shot her ex-boyfriend Flynn to get revenge. He didn’t want her anymore and was happy with someone else. Crosley Green is losing years of his life for her lies and bullshit! While she lives a life without ANY remorse. She belongs on Death Row!!! What is wrong with these judges, jurory and county?! Wrongfully convicted many. Shame on you all!


    • Brevard County has indeed framed a lot of people aside from Crosley, Melissa. I hope that Ms Hallock’s conscience belatedly kicks in, and that she comes clean … very soon. If she does, I hope that the courts will be as lenient; it’s the only way to encourage others who got away with murder to come forward, and it’s the easiest way for the courts to demonstrate that they’re done playing along with dirty prosecutors in helping to keep frame-ups intact.


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