Papa’s plight: Please watch @EFMoriarity on @CBS’ @48Hours tonight

Please watch the show at 10:00 pm Eastern tonight about Crosley “Papa” Green’s false Brevard County, Florida conviction … and then – pretty please – go back and review some of my posts about him, and other men that were framed in Brevard County, Florida.

When I became too ill to correspondent with/fight for incarcerated inmates simultaneously, I only lost touch with only Crosley … the family and friends of the others innocents stay in contact with me.

I miss hearing from Crosley, and I miss his beautiful handwriting; I keep praying that his family or friends will find me, so he’ll know I’m still on his side.

Here’s hoping that Ms. Moriarity digs deep enough to free all of Brevard’s framed.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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6 Responses to Papa’s plight: Please watch @EFMoriarity on @CBS’ @48Hours tonight

  1. Jamie Abramowski says:

    My father Jeffrey Abramowski has been wrongfully incarcerated for coming to almost 13 years now in August. He was convicted on bogus evidence and DNA evidence that was sold to the jury as a direct hit. The murdered man was found with the hair of his mistress clenched in his hand as well as her sons blood in the mans master bathroom sink. My father has missed my younger brother and I grow up as well as my two children. The state medical examiner told the jury that the 2 out of 15 DNA loci was a match when in reality it is no where near. Brevard county prosecutors lied to and manipulated the jury and knew that my dad’s lawyer had no murder trial experience. My father has been fighting this since day one and now has lost 13 years of his life! His story needs to be heard and he needs to come home to his family. There were so many inconsistencies in the trial as well as the judge and lead state prosecutor being friends who also double date with their spouses! My father never had a chance. I watched the whole trial thinking that there was no way he would be convicted but he was. Please help me to get his story out, he is a coast guard veteran who risked his life to save others… He is not a murderer! My father turned himself in to Brevard county jail for a VOP for a driving offense and was immediately charged and help without bond. The state prosecutors offered him an 8 year plea deal to plead guilty to manslaughter which he did not accept because he would not accept responsibility for something he did not do. If any one with the 48 hour special could please contact me to hear our side of the story my email is we would love to go over this terrible injustice. We need to stop this terrible cycle of taking the lives of our fathers and brothers!


    • Here’s hoping that your dad can soon play with his handsome, happy grandsons. They’ll love his sense of humor.


      • If any readers look back at posts about Jeff Abramowski, please pay special attention to the ones about Richard Mair’s 2013 suicide at Dade CI. Richard bravely refused to testify falsely against Jeff, and provided him with a sworn statement about Brevard deputy Gary Harrell’s offer of a ‘walk’ in trade for false testimony. Another man refused, too, and I worry for his safety.


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