@BrevardSheriff Wayne Ivey … luck vs legwork

BCSO Solves 1988 Murder Cold Case, Perp Gets Life |

It is a very good feeling when we can meet with the family of the victim and tell them that the individual responsible for their loss has been brought to justice.

Our team is absolutely committed to solving every case, and our citizens would be amazed to watch them work. They are a very dedicated group of people who I am honored to work with.

via BCSO Solves 1988 Murder Cold Case, Perp Gets Life |.


While I am very grateful that Ramona Lee Moore’s homicide was solved, it would be improper for me to let Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey capitalize on it, without commenting.

The “dedicated group of people” Ivey claims are working on Brevard’s cold cases haven’t managed to secure photographs of many of the homicide victims, per the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Unsolved Homicides webpage. The ridiculous number of typos aren’t as glaringly disrespectful as the missing pictures, but still fall into the same category.

This disrespect is historic.

It took a long time for me to succeed in nagging former Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker to post the date of Pauline Scandale’s homicide. Being unaccustomed to even a small success, I highlighted it in green when I saved the updated document, on 5/28/11. Ms. Scandale’s 1980’s Canova Beach skull crush homicide – despite my nagging – was not simultaneously re-investigated along with James Dvorak’s 1980’s Canova Beach skull crush homicide, for which William Dillon wrongly served 27+ years.

I didn’t succeed in nagging Sheriff Parker to “run” crime scene prints that inconveniently did not match Monte Adams and may have a bearing on one or more unsolved Cocoa gas station homicides. Monte was convicted in 1983 despite not being a match for the prints, and not being the one who was in possession of goods stolen from the crime scene. Johnny Galvin was the one in possession, and the rest of his home wasn’t even searched for the never-located murder weapon. Johnny testified against Monte. Of course.

Offender Picture

Monte Adams

Ramona Lee Moore’s linked story – like others Sheriff Ivey has authored – carries a lengthy “About the Author” promo, citing credentials that I know to be darkly clouded. Ivey was working for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Brevard while I was nagging Sheriff Parker: I was essentially doing Ivey’s job. Every time I write about frame-up specialist John Dean Moxley or any of his victims – like I’ve been doing since 2004 – I’m doing Ivey’s job.

Had Jeb Bush had listened to me in 2004, instead of the likes of Ivey, there wouldn’t be anyone still employed in Brevard law enforcement that would stoop low enough to deliberately portray the luck of a CODIS DNA “hit” as legwork. Jeb had excellent reasons to listen to me, one of the two Brevard law enforcement agency I’d initially complained about in 2002 to both Jeb and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had been under multiple investigations – internal, state and federal (which I didn’t know at the time).

The BCSO’s Unsolved Homicide page is now far more presentable, it no longer screams, “Who cares?” But curing that chaos without acquiring more photographs sends just as clear a message … there are cold hearts working on Brevard cold cases.

If you care about families that are waiting for justice, like Ramona Lee Moore’s family did for so very long, please share this post. Thank you.

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