Lumpy, bumpy featherweight inmate gets his face broken by guards

FDLE: Correctional officers arrested after inmate beaten |

Christopher Michael Jernigan, 37, and Donald Dwight Sims Jr., 21, are charged with aggravated battery and failure to report, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Jernigan also is charged with tampering with evidence.

Shurick Lewis, 41, was found unresponsive in his cell Feb. 12 suffering from several facial fractures and a broken nose. He received a write-up after disrespecting Sgt. Tiffany Bright on Feb. 11 and had also been in a verbal altercation with Jernigan and Sims, according to a warrant.

via FDLE: Correctional officers arrested after inmate beaten |


Shurick Lewis is 5’9″ and weighed 145 pounds the last time the Florida Department of corrections updated his Inmate Population Information Detail.

And he looks quite ill (below): human beings normally aren’t all lumpy and bumpy.

You’d think that would have looked at the guy’s Info Detail before they abused the clout of their closing sentence to remind their readers that Lewis is a criminal (duh), perpetuating – by insinuation – the “they get what they deserve” crap that nearly every paper and talking head is peddling these days.

Maybe didn’t want the public to know that Shurick Lewis is a featherweight, and an apparently sickly one, at that.

CBS Miami went into greater detail, but didn’t post a video or picture to their website. The saving grace of their coverage was that their closing paragraph wasn’t pro-violence propaganda:

The arrests come as the agency grapples with reports of prisoner abuse and allegations of cover-ups of inmate deaths, including two who died after being gassed with noxious chemicals by guards and another who died after allegedly being left in a scalding shower.

Offender Picture

Shurick Lewis


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