Knowingly innocent inmate Gary Bennett beaten by same man again, with @FL_corrections apparent approval



Gary Bennett, a faithful niece, and his mother, the Marvelous Ms Maxine

Update 4/4/17: Gary Bennett is once again having his epilepsy medication withheld by the Florida Department of Corrections. If he dies from a seizure while his medication is withheld (or while his system readjusts to medication), his death won’t be by SUDEP. It’ll be a homicide.

I’ve previously written to the Florida Department of Corrections regarding medical neglect as well guard and inmate abuse of knowingly innocent inmate Gary Bennett; here is one of the email trails I posted to this blog. Here is another post that addresses Gary’s obvious innocence.

If Florida lawmakers were serious about prison reform, they would be drafting veto-proof legislation to enact an impeachment or recall process for governors that help corrections employees get away with abuse, neglect and even murder. But the lawmakers instead seem to be playing a new game on prison reform and other issues – good cop/bad cop – with the (R) house taking one stand and the (R) senate taking an opposing stand on multiple issues, which Texas’ (R) house and (R) senate seem to be doing, too.

Please share this post … we can stop taxation without representation and all the oppressive, expensive and often deadly harm that results from it, if we stand up to it.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: April 22, 2015 6:41:23 PM EDT
Cc:, Governor Rick Scott <>
Subject: 24 hours have passed: repeating requests re known incarcerated innocent Gary Bennett #092481 being beaten by same inmate again

Please note: I have taken the liberty of correcting an error of omission in my closing paragraph.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: April 21, 2015 6:34:14 PM EDT
Cc:, Governor Rick Scott <>
Subject: Known incarcerated innocent Gary Bennett #092481 beaten by same inmate again: denied right to file complaint; denied access to care

Please direct to the attention of McKinley Lewis, Director, Office of Communications, Florida Department of Corrections
It is my understanding that electronic correspondence becomes part of the public record

Dear Mr. Lewis,

I am writing to ask that you rapidly approach the appropriate Florida DoC personnel and make sure that Gary Stanley Bennett, Jr. is allowed to unconditionally file a grievance against the inmate who recently beat him (again), and be given immediate access to actual medical and dental care, not just ibuprofen.

For over 31 years, Floridians have paid to be kept safe from Gary while letting public servants continually abuse him, while Helen Nardi’s actual murderers remain free. This fact is known not only to Rick Scott, but to Florida governors dating back to at least Bob Graham, as well the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, the American and Florida Bar associations, the mainstream media, and various innocence organizations.

Many of the very same malicious police, prosecutors, public defenders, judges and justices that either helped framed Gary or are laboring to keep his frame-up intact also participated in the frame-ups of other innocents railroaded in exactly the same manner: among those exonerated are Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon; among the executed are Linroy Bottoson and Gerald Stano. There are other identical railroads that remain intact, some aren’t in Florida.

There is a great deal of peripheral corruption related to the Florida frame-ups, and it has devastated the lives of those who have never been charged with a crime, even ending some lives. I became involved in these wrongful convictions by finding out that the judge named John Dean Moxley that was mishandling my civil matter was one and the same as former prosecutor Dean Moxley who was involved in most of the above railroads, including Gary’s. I began writing to then-Governor Jeb Bush seeking Wilton Dedge’s freedom in 2004, and I haven’t stopped writing since, typically Cc:ing the current governor and appropriate agency leader.

This is not the first time I have had to write to ask that Gary be treated like a human being … there is correspondence of record from – my former email address – to Gretl Plessinger, who previously held the position you know hold, and now serves in the same position at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, under numerous conflicts of interest aside from Gary’s mistreatment of record (the FDLE’s ongoing willingness to let the FL DoC get away with murder is hardly a secret). I complained to Ms. Plessinger about Gary’s epilepsy medication being arbitrarily withheld, and – if memory serves – about his being beaten, about the bogus Discipline Reports being written against him, and about his teeth – which continue to rot, causing painful chewing and related weight loss.

In this repeat instance of Gary being beaten, a corrections officer is insisting that Gary go into protective custody – the hole – in order to be able to file a report against his attacker and receive medical care. That is coercion, and that’s not the full extent of it: Gary has been told not to ask for a dental appointment again, or he will be denied sick calls and access to ibuprofen – the Florida Department of Corrections cure for all ailments, including cancer.

Like every politically active Floridian that values all lives, I have been requesting genuine prison reform from Florida’s Legislature, and I’ve attempted to get others to become active … links to a couple of my related blog posts are provided below. As regards the Suwannee CI post, I feel that it is your direct responsibility to assuage the absolute terror that inmates’ families experience when they don’t know the reason for a lockdown at a facility with a history of unexplained deaths. The information I provided in the other post had nothing to do with Gary; the information regarding corrections officers’ resumed confidence in failed DoC oversight was provided by families of other inmates, housed at different facilities.

Floridians receive pennies on the dollar in actual benefits from paying public servants to administer justice and subsequently warehouse inmates, including railroaded innocents and persons whose mental or physical illness has been ridiculously criminalized, for profiteering purposes. Those pennies are cancelled out – and then some – when Floridians, not the actual wrongdoers, foot the bill for exoneration compensation and damages in wrongful death cases. Please give us some bang for our bucks as regards your employment, sir, and let me know that you have taken direct action on Gary’s behalf to see to it that he is allowed to unconditionally file a grievance, and access actual medical and dental care, not just ibuprofen. Thank you.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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