Hey mainstream media: No right to return to silence; #FreeDavontaeSanford.

Not Enough Money Or Time To Defend Detroit’s Poor : NPR

A lot of lawyers in Detroit say if you want to see what’s wrong with this country’s public defender system, just take a look at Bob Slameka: He has gotten into trouble a lot during his 40 years as a public defender, but the county still appoints him to cases.

via Not Enough Money Or Time To Defend Detroit’s Poor : NPR.


The NPR story about Bob Slemeka is from August 17, 2009.

Slameka blames his losing Eddie Joe Lloyd’s appeal on not being paid enough to accept Eddie’s phone calls, let alone visit him. The actual reason Slameka lost the appeal is that he decided that Eddie was guilty, and acted accordingly, stating this in answer to Eddie’s formal complaint about him:

“This is a sick individual who raped, kidnapped and strangled a young woman on her way to school. His claim of my wrongdoing is frivolous, just as is his existence. Both should be terminated.”

Eddie was later DNA exonerated, in 2002.

In 2008, Slameka lost Davontae Sanford’s case, which was impossible to do without really trying, not just because Davontae was accused of a 2007 quadruple “hit” even though he was 14-years-old, developmentally delayed and blind in one eye, nor  just because he had tested negative for gunshot residue, couldn’t identify the types of weapons used and couldn’t keep his ducks in a row on who his made-up accomplices were.

The biggest “because” of it being impossible to lose Davontae’s case was a particular condition of Eddie Joe Lloyd’s exoneration settlement in 2006 … that Detroit police  videotape interrogations.

Slameka now claims he did the best he could do for Davontae.

And it’s a lie. Slameka either didn’t secure and watch the tapes, or he flat decided that Davontae was someone else who deserved “termination” without a fair trial, just like he had Eddie. My guess is the latter.

NPR’s Ailsa Chang somehow bought Slameka’s I-don’t-get-paid-enough B.S. without interviewing any of his clients, even though she reported the fact that Slameka been cited for misconduct in 16 cases. Chang stated she’d talked to a lot of lawyers, but somehow she apparently didn’t think to ask any of them about who Slameka’s misconduct victims were, and if they thought he was perhaps victimizing new clients.

The inescapable facts have no gray areas: a Wayne County prosecutor proceeded with nothing but an incredible, coerced confession from Eddie Joe Lloyd, and more than two decades later, a Wayne County prosecutor proceeded with nothing but an incredible, coerced confession from Davontae Sanford, and two innocent, mentally-challenged males – one a man, one a boy – went to prison to serve criminals’ time, leaving Detroit as dangerous as ever.

Before Eddie and after Davontae – with Slameka working the whole time – the likelihood that Wayne County prosecutors proceeded with other incredible, coerced confessions is so great that no newspaper or broadcaster worth a damn can let up on Governor Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette until they arrange to have the charges against Davontae dropped, with time bars removed from every case in which Slameka participated, or the same officers and prosecutors were involved.

In 2008, for-real hit man Vincent Smothers stepped up to clear Davontae Sanford, naming his actual accomplice … another hit man, not a half-blind child. He identified the weapons, accurately telling police and prosecutors where one of them was.

For seven years, Davtonae has been knowingly incarcerated although innocent. A fraud is being perpetrated upon the people of Michigan … by the government of Michigan.

Public corruption isn’t self-correcting; it’s corrected by a mainstream media that doesn’t want or need corrupt public servants for anything … not grants, not tax breaks, not mergers and acquisitions approvals, not a blind eye to off-shored wealth … not a damn thing.

Mainstream media corruption isn’t self-correcting, either, it’s corrected by citizens continuing to call it out, especially when it stoops so low as to only shine dim, “false light” on a framed, disabled kid once every couple of years, knowing exactly what to do to free him – demanding the videotapes of his being coerced into confessing – and not doing it.







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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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