@HuffingtonPost loses mind, prints @AP BS re #FreeDavontaeSanford

Davontae Sanford

Hit Man Vincent Smothers Says He, Not An Imprisoned Teen, Is Responsible For 4 Murders

“This kid would not cooperate with me. When all else fails, blame the lawyer,” Slameka said. “I did everything I could do.”

via Hit Man Vincent Smothers Says He, Not An Imprisoned Teen, Is Responsible For 4 Murders.


Too many journalists – with editorial (and legal) approval – abuse the clout of their closing sentence to sway public opinion. The sentence above is a glaring example of that abuse.

Years before “representing” developmentally delayed Davontae Sanford and advising him to plead guilty although innocent, Robert Slameka “represented” mentally challenged Eddie Joe Lloyd, whom he advised to plead guilty although innocent.

Eddie was DNA exonerated and awarded a generous settlement, the terms of which required Detroit police to videotape interrogations.

There are tapes of Davontae Sanford being coerced into confessing to the Runyon Street quadruple homicides, and there are tapes of Vincent Smother credibly confessing to the same crime, accurately telling police where one of the guns used was located. News organizations didn’t ask for them.

Either did Slameka, apparently.

If you think hell has no fury like a woman scorned, you don’t know many attorneys … Robert Slameka will remain venomous until the day he dies for being outed as incompetent slug twice over – first by DNA, then by a hit man.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to @HuffingtonPost loses mind, prints @AP BS re #FreeDavontaeSanford

  1. Roberto Guzman says:

    Robert Slameka was a sold out incompetent cross eyed liar of a lawyer who helped frame a 14 year old kid to a wrongful conviction! His blaming the defendant is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a pathetic man to blame the victim for his woeful representation. Any first year associate would know that you seek a Walker hearing to challenge the confessions of a 14 year old developmentally disabled child and mount an effective cross examination of the interrogation of a rogue cop regarding a so called confession that bore all the hallmarks of coercive police questioning–none of which he did! Right about now Slameka you should keep your mouth shut because you are subject to being sued for legal malpractice with your sorry self! You are the same stooge who in the past made damning admissions in media interviews that opined tour belief that all your clients were guilty and admitted you were NOT going to do much to investigate claims of innocence! Just like you did to Davontae Sanford with your less than professional comments! You are a disgrace to say the least.


    • Thank you for providing more insight, Roberto. And for giving Slameka what for!


      • Roberto Guzman says:

        You’re welcome, Susan. I found it disgusting he would blame a 14 year old developmentally disabled kid for his own shocking level of incompetence! He is well known as an inept, sell out attorney in the Detroit area and even admitted being so to the local media here. But now that his incompetence has come to light in the Sanford case because of the publicity here, he speaks up to say it is all Davontae’s fault. The man even admitted in past cases he’s handled that he was not going to do even the minimum that is expected of an attorney to investigate their clients’ cases for innocence.


      • Seems to me that attorneys will keep blaming clients they’ve victimized until the media stops taking them at it their word. I don’t know if Slameka a public defender, or an independent attorney. Do you, Roberto?


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