OH does to James Burge what FL didn’t have the guts to do to John Dean Moxley


Ohio Supreme Court suspends Lorain County Judge James Burge’s law license | cleveland.com

ELYRIA, Ohio — The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended the law license of a Lorain County judge convicted of falsification and tampering with evidence.

James Burge’s license is suspended as of Wednesday, a notice on the Supreme Court’s website said.

via Ohio Supreme Court suspends Lorain County Judge James Burge’s law license | cleveland.com.


When the extent of John Dean Moxley’s prosecutorial and judicial misconduct is finally accessed, the damages will run in to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Because Moxley was a DROP legislated-loophole pension double-dipper for more than ten years, his assets far exceed what public servants should ever expect, and must be seized.

Bar associations are complicit in each and every one of Moxley’s frame-ups. They were obligated to address his misconduct the minute that Judge Gilbert Goshorn skill tested John Preston – Moxley’s go-to phony expert – and found his dogs couldn’t track scent, as it more than confirmed a federal court finding – in 1982 – that Preston was a charlatan and a liar.

Florida governors are complicit in Moxley’s frame-ups, from Bob Graham to Rick Scott, with Graham defrauding Floridians on a grander scale by deliberately overlooking the FBI’s use of John Preston and other DNA-discredited dog handlers while serving on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee.

Innocence organizations are complicit in Moxley’s frame-ups; they threw those still falsely convicted via his viciously lawless trial tactics under the bus.

The media is complicit in Moxley’s frame-ups, particularly Florida Today, USA Today and the Orlando Sentinel.

Most of Moxley’s frame-ups still stand. He labored mightily to make sure they did, while ignoring the cases that were before him as a judge.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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