Gannett’s @freep ongoing efforts to keep an innocent incarcerated … #FreeDavontaeSanford


Hit man claims credit for 2007 murders

An imprisoned hit man once again is trying to clear another man convicted in a 2007 quadruple murder in Detroit.

Vincent Smothers says it’s simple: Davontae Sanford couldn’t have shot and killed those people because Smothers did. Lawyers for Sanford filed a motion today in Wayne County Circuit Court that asks for a new trial.

via Hit man claims credit for 2007 murders.


If the Detroit Free Press was interested in selling newspapers (like it was when I grew up in Detroit), from day one, it would have been hot on Vincent Smothers’ confession to being one of the shooters in the Runyon Street quadruple homicides … and never let up.

But Gannett’s Detroit Free Press is just like Gannett’s Florida Today and USA Today … there isn’t a single story regarding a maliciously prosecuted incarcerated innocent that they’re unwilling to underplay, or tell falsely.

In addition to being intellectually impaired, Davontae Sanford is blind in one eye, as the picture below suggests. That’s pretty damn significant, given that he allegedly managed to shoot four people, all by himself, with multiple weapons.

In his “confession,” Davontae didn’t get any of the details of the Runyon Street quadruple homicide correct, including the type of weapons that were used. He tested negative for gunshot residue.

Davontae wasn’t a shooter. Everyone knew it.

He never needed an innocence organization; he only needed a press that didn’t self-fetter, for fun and profit.

Logic suggests that the reason behind Gannett’s continual deceits regarding incarcerated innocents is that they want completely corrupt prosecutors to move up in the world and become completely corrupt judges, completely corrupt legislators, completely corrupt governors, etc.

Gannett can’t “play” anyone that’s ethical into helping them to gobble up more television stations and more newspapers. (That Gannett is allowed to publish military newspapers couldn’t possibly be more frightening.)

Gannett likely has big plans for shifty, shameless Kym Worthy. Or at least has convinced her that they do.

Because Gannett does what it does, with the help of Florida Today and USA Today, Brevard County, Florida frame-up specialist John Dean Moxley was able to remain a judge until age 70, when the law required he retire. Only three of those he helped frame are free … Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon. Scores more – including Gary Bennett – remain framed. And that’s just a portion of Moxley’s misconduct. He was mentioned often in Glenda Carlin Busick’s Brevard Good Ole Boys: A Taxpayer Searches for Truth in the “Good Ole Boy” Network of County Government .

Because it’s easier to get blood out of a stone than it is to get the truth out of Gannett, and because Gannett is little different from other mega-merged media entities, it’s time for the Department of Justice to force the FCC and SEC to break up the media mega-mergers they’ve approved.

And because it’s also obvious that Republicans will block the nomination of any replacement, Eric Holder must withdraw his resignation and get to work on what matters most … the availability of justice. He must become the wrecking ball that the U.S. Supreme Court obliged the American Bar Association to be when it comes to malicious prosecutions. Right now.

Davontae Sanford is shown in a booking photo.



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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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