Speak up now, or FL Senate’s hard work re #DeadInmates will be undone by House dilettantes

People that take a firm stance on matters they know nothing about only perturb me when they are in positions of power … particularly positions of legislative power.

Florida Senators, led by Greg Evers – after numerous hearings – constructed a prison reform bill designed to save lives. Evers visited prisons, unannounced. He didn’t like what he saw.

No one from the House visited prisons. I doubt that anyone from the House even watched the multiple Senate hearings.

If the House prevails with their ridiculous version of prison reform, Floridians can expect to pay out millions of dollars worth of damages on an ongoing basis for unnatural prison deaths. And many more Floridians will lose loved ones, because surviving even short sentences for minor offenses in one of our prisons is too often impossible: mentally ill Darren Rainey didn’t survive a two-year sentence, physically ill Randall Jordan-Aparo didn’t survive an 18-month sentence. Corrections officers scalded Rainey to death; corrections officers gassed Jordan-Aparo to death.

Please make phone calls and send emails today and tomorrow, using the script from Stop Prison Abuse Now that appears below, if you’d like. Phone numbers are provided below, and House email addresses are constructed in this manner:

Please stand up for the Senate’s diligence, and stand against the House’s firm stance on something they know nothing about. If you’re on the fence about speaking up, please watch the video below. If you’re more than convinced, and want to do more than call and email Florida representatives, please sign this petition calling for a federal investigation of Darren Rainey’s death. Thank you.


Attention SPAN Advocates,

We did a great job bringing attention to the weaknesses of House Bill 7131 to the members of the Justice Appropriations Subcommittee.

Now HB 7131 goes to the House Judiciary Committee on TUESDAY. We need to call or write the members of that committee TODAY AND TOMORROW. We still have a chance to convince our representatives to strengthen it before the House votes on it.

The message: HB 7131 is NOT STRONG ENOUGH to make any real changes to the Department of Corrections culture of corruption and abuse. It needs to be strengthened by including the original language of Senate Bill 7020.

PLEASE CALL or EMAIL AS MANY COMMITTEE MEMBERS AS YOU CAN BY MONDAY (you can even leave voicemail messages today):

My name is ______. I live in _______. I am calling because I am very concerned about the failure of the Department of Corrections to control abuse and corruption in our state prison system. People who go to prison should be able to serve their time without being tortured, abused or killed by guards, including people with mental illness.

I would like to urge Representative [NAME] to request that House Bill 7131 be amended to include the original language of Senate Bill 7020. The House bill does not include the important measures of Senate Bill 7020 that will lead to true reform of our broken prison system.”

Members of the Judiciary Committee:

1. Chair Charles McBurney – (850) 717-5016
2. Vice Chair Kathleen Passidomo – (850) 717-5106
3. Representative David Kerner – (850) 717-5087
4. Representative Colleen Burton – (850) 717-5040
5. Representative Dwight Dudley – (850) 717-5068
6. Representative Jay Fant – (850) 717-5015
7. Representative Julio Gonzalez – (850) 717-5074
8. Representative Gayle Harrell – (850) 717-5083
9. Representative Larry Metz– 850-717-5032
10. Representative Jared Moskowitz – (850) 717-5097
11. Representative Scott Plakon – (850) 717-5029
12. Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda – (850) 717-5009
13. Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez – (850) 717-5112
14. Representative Carlos Trujillo (“Trooheeyo”) – (850)-717-5105
15. Representative John Wood – (850) 717-5041

We can do this!

Published on Jan 9, 2015

OCALA, Fla. — Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015

The family of a woman found dead in her prison cell claims they have proof she was killed by a prison guard.

They said their loved one’s death came days after she mailed a letter warning that a prison guard had threatened to kill her.

Latandra Ellington, 36, was found dead in her cell at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala last October.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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