Probation only for confessed rapist, a @FL_corrections officer

Florida’s Record on Rape | The Marshall Project

Lemuel McMillan was a prisoner at the Northwest Florida Reception Center in May 2009 when a corrections officer named Ricardo Hay raped him in the laundry room. Another inmate had made a similar allegation against Hay, but McMillan had proof: after being forced to perform oral sex, McMillan vomited a DNA sample — Hay’s semen — onto his own shirt. Five days after McMillan reported the incident, Hay resigned.

It took well over a year for corrections officials to test the shirt and find that it was a match. Hay was arrested, pled no contest, and received 10 years probation.

via Florida’s Record on Rape | The Marshall Project.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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7 Responses to Probation only for confessed rapist, a @FL_corrections officer

  1. Valerie Wilson says:

    What a shame! Shame on the state of Florida, how could this have taken so long for this correctional center to get this information where it needed to be. I will not so until the head of this organization is fired. What if this was his son, brother, uncle or dad they need to clean all these old white boys up and ship their prejudice asses out of there, and I pray that this young man sue there pants off

    • Thanks for caring, Valerie. Because we have little information to go on, for all any of us know, the most violent corrections officers could be any color, and any gender. The new leader that Governor Rick Scott choose for the Department of Corrections seems far less effective than the man she replaced, which is too horrible to dwell on. The Florida Legislature is working on prison reform right now, and those of us that have been pushing for the legislation to be powerful will know fairly soon if we’ve been listened to. Of course, all the legislation in the world won’t mean a thing if the executive branch – Rick Scott’s branch – doesn’t enforce it … Scott certainly isn’t enforcing any laws that are already in place. Murder isn’t any more legal inside a prison than it is outside. Again, thanks for caring.

      • LM says:

        You are so right Susan because the officer in this case was an African American. There is no accountability for the abuse these officers commit. Their slogan is “We Never Walk Alone” which in my opinion provides a subliminal message that attributes to the culture in DOC.

      • That slogan bothers me, too, Mr. McMillan; it seems too in-your-face to serve any legitimate purpose. Thanks for confirming that rogue guards can be any color.

    • L says:

      Valerie thank you so much for your concern and compassion. There is so much that goes on in the Florida DOC, officers abuse is prevalent due to the culture, insufficient lack of humanity, and the inability to communicate with the public. Regardless of the crime committed a prison sentence is issued by our judicial process not by thugs that hide behind badges. Not all officers are bad but if the good officers speak up they too find themselves ostracized and retaliated against. You can bet I’m going to do my part to make a change.

    • lmcmillan77 says:

      I agree Valerie, it is a shame and nothing will be done to curtail the atrocities that are committed in Florida DOC. They are well aware but rather turn away than fix the issue. I pray that state officials take over DOC and provide a direct method of contact so that victims don’t be afraid to come forward.

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