Cronkite 1980 segment pegs @FLGovScott as year round fool, not just April

Retro news: Cronkite’s 1980 global warming alert. — The Daily Climate

On April 3, 1980, Cronkite tossed to a news piece from CBS veteran Nelson Benton. Thirty-five years ago, for two and half minutes – an eternity even then by TV news standards and a near-impossibility today – a broadcast anchored by The Most Trusted Man in America tried to warn us about climate change.

Actually, “climate change” wasn’t mentioned in Benton’s piece, but CO2, “global warming” and the “Greenhouse Effect” were.”Scientists,” intoned Benton, “and a few politicians are beginning to worry.”

The story features Senator Paul Tsongas at a Senate hearing, reciting a list of cities that could someday be under water.

via Retro news: Cronkite’s 1980 global warming alert. — The Daily Climate.


Rick Scott placed a gag order on Florida Department of Environmental Protection personnel, barring them from writing or speaking about rising sea levels, global warming, climate, etc. … at the risk of their employment.

Scott’s gag orders (there’s another on Florida Department of Corrections personnel, and perhaps others we don’t know of) must be addressed as an emergency by our legislature.

Free speech should only be curtailed for redundantly verifiable reasons of national security, with that verification conducted by credible sources, not Fox News.

Curtailing free speech for purposes of garnering more lobbyists dollars is an infringement upon the rights of Florida’s gagged employees, one that imposes taxation without representation upon every other Floridian … putting our tax dollars to use against us, not for us.

Floridians need faster action on climate change than any other state. And we won’t get anywhere with a governor that’s worse than Ronald Reagen.

One of the first things Reagen did after taking office was to cancel Jimmy Carter’s energy credits. It put my fledgling insulated drapery company – Snug Sills – out of business, along with thousands of other American businesses that were bringing energy saving products to market that were still too new to be made affordable by mass production.

It isn’t in any way amazing that the “gas crisis” that occurred during the Carter administration evaporated the minute Reagen was elected, any more than it was amazing that the American hostages being held in Iran were released.

Gag orders and closed door negotiations are foolhardy, especially those that circumvent active negotiations being undertaken by the President of the United States, whether it’s Jimmy Carter’s negotiations with Iran or Barack Obama’s negotiations with Iran.

Please read what Judge Damon Keith had to say about closed doors, and take these words to heart:

Democracies die behind closed doors.

We have 35 years of climate change denial to reverse – and then some – in less than a decade. We not just facing the death of democracy, we’re facing the death of the planet. Take it from Uncle Walter.

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