Another competition-killing, too-big-to-sue mega-merger in the works

Quintiles forming joint venture to take on LabCorp in clinical trial services :: Editor’s Blog at WRAL TechWire

Durham, N.C. — The battle of the titans is coming to the world of clinical trials laboratory services.

Quintiles, the world’s largest life sciences services company, is teaming up with Quest Diagnostics to form a joint venture that will provide clinical trial laboratory services. The new group will be taking on Burlington-based LabCorp, which is the largest provider.

via Quintiles forming joint venture to take on LabCorp in clinical trial services :: Editor’s Blog at WRAL TechWire.


Years ago, I formally fought LabCorp’s acquisition of Orchid Cellmark, because Orchid Cellmark acted irresponsibly regarding the receipt of evidence in suspect condition for DNA testing twice, in two years, from the very same Brevard Judge, W. David Dugan.

William Dillon’s evidence arrived UNSEALED at Orchid Cellmark’s Dallas County facility in 2008. They were still able to find DNA, which excluded William. He was freed that year, after wrongly serving more than 27 years. He was compensated by Floridians who’d already had their pockets picked to frame him and hold him hostage, not by the “public servants” that actually framed him and held him hostage.

Gary Bennett’s evidence was sealed when it arrived at the same Orchid Cellmark facility in 2010, but it had been washed clean. There was nothing to test.

William and Gary’s frame-ups were nearly identical, as were scores of others, including previous exonerated Juan Ramos (1987) and Wilton Dedge (2004). W. David Dugan participated in the farce of holding Wilton hostage, if I read the Brevard online records right.

It was Orchid Cellmark’s responsibility to involve the FBI in the suspect condition of both William and Gary’s evidence.

As Orchid Cellmark ignored that responsibility, I informed the FBI about the matter, as the FBI is tasked with making sure that public corruption doesn’t affect trial outcomes. The FBI ignored me, likely because they had participated in a prosecution invovlving the same charlatan dog handler that had been used against Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, William Dillon, Gary Bennett and hundreds of others. The FBI was involved with other DNA-disgraced dog handlers, including Keith Pikett, who mucked up @2,500 criminal investigations to Preston’s @1,000.

Gary Bennett didn’t need DNA tests to be freed. He needed a retrial, and as one had been granted to Juan Ramos, it shouldn’t have been denied him.

Despite Gary not needing DNA tests that were denied him via apparent evidence tampering, we need every forensic facility to be held accountable for all of their actions.

Mega-mergers make that absolutely impossible, as they’re too big to sue for fraud, negligence, criminal conspiracy, etc., except by other mega-merged entities.

Investors and traders that celebrate mega-mergers somehow don’t realize that killing competition is only good for less than 1% of us … the remainder of the wealthy persons can still be framed and held hostage, like William “Tommy” Zeigler, and Kris Maharaj.

The investors and traders are just as “owned” as the rest of us, and may some day have cause to rue mega-merged laboratory corporations that keep forensics test prices sky high, and eliminate accountability for chain-of-custody and reliability of test results.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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