@onetoughnerd pardoned connected drunk driver instead of innocent kid

Snyder uses pardon for connected lawyer

“He’s got half of his car in the oncoming left turn lane,” Judge Kimberly Small said after watching the dash-cam video. “This isn’t even a close case.”

Gocha pleaded guilty to driving while impaired and was sentenced to six days in jail. He continued to challenge the stop in higher courts. By spring 2011, he had lost at every turn. His next step: pursue the pardon.

via Snyder uses pardon for connected lawyer.


Reading an AP article that isn’t ridiculously defensive of right wing wrongdoing was refreshing, to say the least.

Their linked article is a short, absolute must read: it makes clear that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder personally knows well-to-do attorney Alan Gocha Jr. and knows of his in-sync-with-Snyder political ties; Snyder corrected the reporter on the pronunciation of Gocha’s last name … it isn’t pronounced “gotcha,” but it sure the heck should be.

The article covered Snyder’s extensive sympathy for attorney Gocha, despite his taking up precious Michigan docket time (and therefore taxpayers dollars) for years, trying to wiggle out from under his wrist slap. Gocha’s sentence was six (6) days.

Snyder was concerned about Gocha’s inhibited ability to deal with Wall Street bankers and travel internationally … Gocha’s “financial freedom.”

The context missing from the AP article is gruesome and of the utmost significance: Snyder remains unconcerned about the continued incarceration of Davontae Sandford based on an obviously coerced confession to a 2007 quadruple homicide, obvious not only in that a half-blind, developmentally delayed 14-year-old would have a tough time making one kill shot, let alone four, but obvious is that one of the actual killers, Vincent Smothers, has done his best to free Davontae.

Smothers is a hit man. He’s serving time for eight other homicides that he confessed to in 2008, along with the homicides that Davontae was framed for. He named his accomplice – another hit man (who remains free, to the best of my knowledge).

Detroit police had previously coerced mentally challenged Eddie Joe Lloyd into a false confession. Eddie and Davontae had something else in common – the same incompetent and malicious defense attorney.

As with Eddie, no legitimate forensic evidence connected Davontae to any crime.

Eddie lived to have DNA free him, but he didn’t live for long; prison food and prison healthcare took its toll, as it surely will on Davontae.

When someone else credibly confesses to a crime, and had information only the killer would know, “God’s signature” – as Eddie described DNA – is not required. All that’s required is a governor that won’t tolerate frame-ups. Rick Snyder is not that governor. All that Snyder finds intolerable is equal justice for Republican attorneys.










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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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