F*cking nuts American Bar Association is incapable of SCOTUS assigned responsibilities

Glenn Ford Exonerated After Spending 30 YEARS On Louisiana Death Row – Published on Mar 14, 2014

Prosecutor: I was ‘arrogant, judgmental, narcissistic’ in capital prosecution of now-exonerated man

“As a young 33-year-old prosecutor,” Stroud wrote, “I was not capable of making a decision that could have led to the killing of another human being. …

“I end with the hope that providence will have more mercy for me than I showed Glenn Ford. But, I am also sobered by the realization that I certainly am not deserving of it.”

Ford is currently undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer.

via Prosecutor: I was ‘arrogant, judgmental, narcissistic’ in capital prosecution of now-exonerated man.

33-year-old doctors do not attempt to excuse their mistakes or outright malpractice by stating their age and reflecting on their state of mind. It just wouldn’t fly.

The linked article is authored by the American Bar Association, which has been assigned law enforcement responsibilities by the U.S. Supreme Court in assorted rulings, making the ABA responsible for the conduct of public attorneys. The ruinously reckless boatload of bad case law was confirmed definitively and recently (2011) in Connick v Thompson. Prosecutors and their supervisors maintain ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY FOR MISCONDUCT, and answer to no one but no one except the ABA. Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have had it otherwise, and authored the dissent in Connick. Had Ginsburg prevailed, prosecutors and their supervisors – nationwide – would be racing to rescue those they knew they threw under the bus and wrongly convicted.

Were the ABA in any way ethical, their having law enforcement responsibilities might not be an insurmountable problem. But the ABA is in no way ethical. If they were, they sure the hell wouldn’t have published this whiny, ridiculous article.

At 33, I was no longer healthy enough to work in hospitals. I was learning to recommend materials handling equipment in Detroit at a company that I would begin to lead at age 36. I employed men in their 20’s capable of understanding that it was anything but hand grenades and horseshoes work, close was never good enough … it was get it right the first time, or someone would lose a finger, or a limb, or their life. We had plenty of competitors, but I didn’t look at specifying equipment as a win or lose proposition, nor would I have let my employees. That – frankly – would have been f*cking nuts.

The American Bar Association lets prosecutors and their supervisors remain f*cking nuts, focused only on winning: they let public attorneys put already-discredited witnesses on the stand; they let them put coached informants on the stand with a history of lying for “walks;” they let them present junk science as sound science; they let them intimidate witnesses into changing their original statements … a “War and Peace” length list of other devious tricks can be added, but it wouldn’t change what it all boils down to … the ABA lets prosecutors and their supervisors get away with murder, then they spin those murders into “mistakes,” within the pages of their various Journals.

Had Glenn Ford not have been falsely convicted, it is very likely his lung cancer would have been diagnosed much earlier, if he’d gotten cancer at all – prison air is notoriously filthy. If Ford dies, the ABA will have killed him, just as they’ve killed thousands of innocents before him … they’ve had their ever-abused immunities from prosecution since the 1970’s.

My work in specifying industrial equipment also involved cutting to the chase. It was not unusual for warehouse managers, purchasers, executives, and/or owners to expect me or my employees to have answers to streamlining their operations, increasing inventory turns, achieving OSHA compliance, reducing worker injuries, realizing energy savings, etc., within minutes of walking in the door.

There is a way to cut to the chase in getting the American Bar Association out of their Keystone Kop role of pretending to hold prosecutors and their supervisors accountable: RETROACTIVELY VOID THE ABA’s INCOME TAX EXEMPTION for the fraudulent claim that they equally protect the public and their members.

Please sign and share the petition that asks the IRS Oversight Board to do just that. If the petition is successful, the publicity will likely have a snowball effect, forcing legislators to void civil immunities, and making taxpayers realize that only malicious attorneys should be responsible for exoneration compensation as well as the costs of false imprisonment: when doctors commit malpractice, they (or their insurers) pick up the tab, not taxpayers; if I or any of my employees had screwed up and caused a accident or injury via improper specification of industrial equipment, my company – not taxpayers – would have been on the hook. Thank you.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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