Why @SchuetteOnDuty isn’t “distressed” about Davontae Sanford

Attorney General Schuette apologizes for subpoenas

“Schuette told reporters Thursday he apologized directly to reporters at Michigan Radio and the Huffington Post,” a press release stated. “He says he immediately withdrew the subpoenas this week after learning of them. He says he was ‘distressed’ over what the journalists went through and it ‘won’t happen again.’ Schuette says issuing a subpoena to media is rare, errors were made and he’s ultimately responsible. He declined to elaborate.”

via Attorney General Schuette apologizes for subpoenas.


Being unduly scrutinized and being the subject of inappropriate subpoenas is indeed intimidating, but on an injustice scale from 1 to 10, it’s a two, at worst.

Being framed is a 10; staying framed seven years after one of the actual perpetrators cleared you isn’t a 10 … it’s off the chart.

Davontae Sanford was 14-years-old when Detroit police coerced a confession out of him for an impossible feat – a quadruple homicide – impossible in that Davontae is blind in one eye and developmentally disabled.

Self-professed hit man Vincent Smothers cleared Davontae of any involvement a year after the child was charged. Smothers named his accomplice – a man, not a boy.

Smothers has told his story to the media. But the mainstream media isn’t very interested and either is the alternative media – like the Huffington Post – even though Detroit police have a confirmed history of coercing a false confession from mentally challenged Eddie Joe Lloyd, with whom Davontae also shared an incompetent defense attorney. Lloyd was cleared by DNA, but didn’t live long afterwards.

All that the Huffington Post has apparently published about Davontae’s frame-up is a page of links to AP articles. I didn’t find anything in those AP articles about Eddie Joe Lloyd, or the bumbling defense attorney.

It’s good that the Huffington Post is going to write about Michigan’s juvenile lockups.

But not good enough.

As bad as Michigan’s juvenile facilities are, they were a safer place for Davontae.

Despite his disabilities, he was transferred to a dangerous adult facility while he was still a teenager.  There, he has been targeted, not by inmates, but by guards … who even hogtied him, which was as okay with Bill Schuette as the frame-up.

Again, having your activities unduly monitored and your work product subpoenaed is unjust, and American journalists perhaps have never had more reason to fear prosecution and incarceration for simply reporting the truth.

That said, journalists are not being framed at anywhere near the same pace as ordinary individuals, and journalists have themselves to blame more than anyone else. They’ve failed to apprise the public that civil immunities keep justice unavailable to most of us … that deliberate prosecutorial misconduct has been lawful since 1976.

Davontae’s still framed, and, last I’d heard, Vincent Smothers’ accomplice – another hit man – remains at large.

Schuette is defrauding and endangering the public simultaneously, and he isn’t “distressed” over it at all, because he knows he only has Davontae’s family, friends and activists to ignore, not journalists to contend with.

[Update 3/16/15: There has been a response – of sorts – to my pestering Bill Schuette [@SchuetteOnDuty] about Davontae … Davontae is now being denied use of JPay and is in other ways being harassed, per his mother’s Facebook post two hours ago. Taminko called for a prayer chain for Davontae. I’m calling for this post to be shared, especially on Twitter.]

Teen Torture & Hogtied for Two Days in Michigan Prison

Published on Apr 3, 2012



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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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