Florida Today doesn’t smell right

Torres: Nothing smells right in this murder case

Gary Bennett will likely die in prison.

via Torres: Nothing smells right in this murder case.


I took some time to write about the content of this article on a Facebook page (below), and I still didn’t say all that needed to be said by way of correcting errors and omissions, including the fact that Judge W. David Dugan’s involvement in Brevard County/John Dean Moxley/John Preston frame-ups dates back to the 90’s or earlier … he was involved in Wilton Dedge, William Dillon post-conviction hearings as well as Gary’s. The whole of Brevard’s judicial system is rigged, and like too many places in Florida, you can look at the employees of the local community colleges for better understanding. I haven’t the energy to explain what I’ve already covered, I’ll just offer some relevant names I’ve touched on … Jack Parker, Jim Richey, John Glisch.


The Florida Today article is entertaining, in a ghoulish way, but it is not accurate. I’ll attempt some corrections.

Juan Ramos was also exonerated of his Brevard County/Preston frame-up, in 1987. No DNA was required; just a fair retrial after Preston flunked Judge Gilbert Goshorn’s tracking skill test. John Dean Moxley was involved in Juan’s case, too. Juan was the only one of the three exonerees denied state compensation. Wilton and William are white; hope it isn’t part of Rick Scott’s New Jim Crow.

There was a second coached jailhouse informant used against Gary – Michael Turner. There’s no reason not to mention him. Nor was there any reason to fail to mention the Innocence Project of Florida, who participated in defending Wilton and William as well as Gary, unless of course it’s to avoid mentioning an emerging Innocence Project scandal that may affect Crosley Green’s Brevard case, in that it appears the same investigator was involved, Paul Ciolino. A different dog handler was involved in Crosley’s case, but it appears that Crosley went before Moxley.

Helen Nardi lived in a small RV with indistinct rooms, not a house. Gary knows how his print got in the entry to the bedroom area – from helping Ms. Nardi carry in things from her car. Ms. Nardi’s landlord was a Palm Bay vice cop, who was oddly allowed to lead the homicide investigation. It is rumored that the vice cop was accepting sex as payment for rent.

Gov. Charlie Crist knew – from serving as Florida’s A.G. while Wilton was being exonerated – that Jeff Ashton’s circuit had used Preston in a prosecution (with FBI participation) that had resulted in an execution, Linroy Bottoson’s. Crist’s transferring Gary’s prosecution there placed a taint on it that can only be cured by a retrial, as Ashton’s circuits stake in not taking a second look at Linroy’s execution (and perhaps other undisclosed Preston-tainted prosecutions there) is far, far too high. That it was likely conspiratorial is confirmed by Ashton accepting entirely improper correspondence from Moxley. There was more than one letter, and if they are in Gary’s case file now, it’s only because they knew I’d secured copies of them from Ashton’s office through a formal records request. I published Moxley’s shortest letter – the handwritten one – on my blog quite some time ago.

I asked Rick Scott via email not to renew the transfer of Gary’s case to Ashton’s circuit, but he of course ignored me … Scott is of the firm opinion that constituents that can’t buy his time shouldn’t have any of it, even if lives and freedoms are at stake. He also thinks that 90 days is less than 90 days, and that no one deserves answers about guard-slain inmates, but those are other stories altogether.

Florida Today did not specify a date for the Arizona state court exoneration that it alludes to as setting Preston exonerations in motion. That’s likely because Dale Sutton’s 1982 federal exoneration carries far more weight, and likey [likely] preceded the lower court Arizona ruling. In the photo cover on this page, above, you’ll see a January 30, 1984 Sentinel article about Gary’s trial that is very difficult to read in one particular section – the section that makes it clear that everyone that participated in Gary’s trial knew that Preston had been found unable to track scent more than a year earlier.

Former Florida Governor Bob Graham had formally investigated Preston as well as his “trainer,” Thomas McGinn who worked in Florida law enforcement and was accused of frauds involving the training, purchase and sale of K-9’s. When Bob Graham moved on to the US Senate, it was his obligation (during his 10 years on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee) to see to it that the FBI adhered to their mandate to investigate public corruption that affected trial outcomes. Graham failed in that olbigation [obligation], as did Graham’s Senate colleague, Bill Nelson, who grew up in Brevard County and knows all about the corruption. I said as much when he asked me for names of corrupt public servants in one of the two occasions I spoke to him face-to-face about it. Nelson served just one year on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, if memory serves.

There is much at stake in getting discredited dog handler stories straight. There are other standing Preston perjury convictions aside from Gary Bennett’s, and Preston was not the most prolific DNA-discredited dog handler – Keith Pikett was. Pikett’s participated in @2,500 investigations to Preston’s @1,000. Pikett’s perjury victims are being to fight for their freedom individually, too. Megan Winfrey, her brother and her father – both named Richard Winfrey – are now free, so are a couple of others. Texas, where Pikett was most active, is making much of Conviction Integrity Units, while showing absolutely no integrity at all as regards allowing automatic retrials for Pikett victims. The FBI used Preston, Pikett, and other DNA-discredited dog handlers … I’ve yet to come across a discredited dog handler that they haven’t used.

That’s not the whole reason why it was so important for the FBI’s feet to be held to the fire … the FBI mishandled the debunking of their Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, and the debunking of their Hair and Fiber analysis.

And there’s another aspect that’s very important right now. Floridians are clamoring for former Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey to be reinstated, not realizing that amount of corruption – conviction-related and otherwise – that Bailey was overlooking. Had Bailey been an upright guy, it could have made up for the FBI’s negligence, at least within Florida.

The FBI is riddled with problems that the mainstream media is ever eager to assist in helping them bury. At one point, they had 160 laptops and 160 weapons that they couldn’t account for. For the media to make much of Snowden’s four secure laptops, they had to pretend the FBI revelation never occurred. But it did. The details are on my blog. Just as all the details of what I’ve portrayed above.

Judge Gilbert Goshorn provided the press with a sworn affidavit that Preston’s testimony could not have been in any way credible without the coaching of public servants in possession of crime scene details. Clarence Zacke – who admitted to swearing falsely against both Wilton Dedge and Gerald Stano in trade for favors – named his coaches as prosecutors John Dean Moxley and Christ [Chris] White. Over the objections of ethical Daytona officers who knew him to be a serial confessor, Gerald was executed in 1998. There was no forensic evidence against Gerald. There was only John Preston’s lies to the media, and Zacke’s recanted lies. Unlike most coached informants, it took some manuevering to get Zacke close to Wilton Dedge, manuevings that law enforcement alone likely wouldn’t have been able to pull off.

John Dean Moxley’s long-time assistant was Vicki Clark, who was married to Ron Clark, a long-time, ranking officer with the Brevard Sheriff’s Office. I doubt that anyone from Florida Today, USA Today or the Orlando Sentinel has ever question Vicki or Ron Clark.

USA Today wrote about Juan Ramos in the 90’s. They declared that Preston matters nationwide had been resolved. Obviously, they have not. There are not hundreds of clouded convictions nationwide, there are tens of thousands. The only form of forensics that made it into this century without major overhauls was DNA, and DNA can be lied about.

Florida Today wrote about that happening to Jeff Abramowski, in Brevard County, in this century. An “expert” from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said that two markers out of 15 was a “hit.” Of course, it isn’t. The “unique factor” portrayed to the jury occurs once in @10,600 males, per paternity test results published by feds. Jeff remains framed, too.

Monte Adams remains incarcerated, too, although his prints were not a match to those found at the crime scene, and although he was not the person in possession of stolen property from the crime scene. I tried repeatedly to get those prints “run,” as there are two unsolved Cocoa gas station homicides that could be related.

There are quite a few retired feds that live in Brevard County, they are likely comfortable with the huge presence of players in the Military Industrial Complex that are located there as a result of the space industry. Unsurprisingly, they support the election and reelection of public servants that keep skeletons tucked in closets .. there’s more than just ignored conviction and peripheral corruption to bury – feds, the military and Brevard law enforcement were involved in the unlawful surveillance of peace protestors. the ACLU filed suit, and won.

John Dean Moxley put a great deal of time into writing the letters he sent to Ashton. On my blog, I published a list of the cases that were before Moxley at the time. Reading Moxey’s ugly arguments was enlightening, I finally understood why he didn’t prepare not only for my hearings before him, but Alissa Blanton’s and likely hundreds of others … there’s always another Preston case to try and keep buried. I survived Moxley’s lack of interest and preparation, Ms. Blanton did not – her stalker gunned her down, and then took his own life.

Having Preston matters to rebury also likely explains Moxley drawing attention to himself for inordinate numbers of releases on recognizance that resulted in at least one flight and likely a great deal of additional crime.

Bar associations are obliged to address the conduct of public attorneys … the US Supreme Court doesn’t make suggestions. The Florida Bar should have rid us of Moxley, Ashton, White, and dozens of others involved in Preston perjuries, but it is so lawless that it appointed an out-of-state attorneys for a death row case – the most time sensitive of all cases.

Gary’s epilepsy isn’t a lifelong affliction, it resulted from head injury inflicted by his father. Moxley’s attitude of record concerning Gary’s epilepsy explains his attitude of record with me. In his 31 years of incarceration, Gary’s never had his epilepsy evaluated by a neurologist. I have to see mine every six months, even though my epilepsy is more stable than Gary’s … no one tries to withhold my medication, like corrections personnel have done with Gary’s.

Gary’s not only had his chances of parole wrecked by corrections personnel writing bogus Discipline Reports, he had additional years tacked onto his sentence.

If Gary, or Jeff, or Monte, or Crosley, or any of the other Brevardians who never had a fair day in court does indeed die behind bars, it will be because of reporting that may well be entertaining – if you’re attacked [attracted] to dark matter – but is in no way informative. Please use the search window on my blog should you have any specific statement you’d like to check out further. [https://wobblywarrior.wordpress.com]

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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