What does it feel like to die?

What does it feel like to die? | Life and style | The Guardian

Thanks to the stories of Fabrice Muamba, the patients of Southampton hospital and others, we can rest easier as we carry on our lives in death’s ever-present, if perhaps now slightly fainter, shadow.

via What does it feel like to die? | Life and style | The Guardian.


My near-death experiences include anaphylaxis, drowning, blunt head trauma, seizure, renal failure, pneumonia, asthma and heart failure. With as many birth defects and chronic conditions as I have, I’ve been freakishly lucky … I’ve been too old to die young for a long while.

None of my near-death experiences are as interesting as ones I witnessed while working in hospitals. A elderly female ICU patient “coded,” and it took considerable time for our little team to bring her back from the other side (my job was hand-holding and handing people stuff).

Once fully conscious, the lady stared straight at the doctor who’d damned her all during the resuscitation efforts and said, “So it’s my own damn fault for being so fat, huh? No one to blame but myself?”

The doctor’s face was still red when my shift ended.

My take on life is that wherever you’re going, it’s never as important to remember to bring along your emergency inhaler as it is your sense of humor. Die laughing, if you can.

[Update 3/25/15: adding link to 3/21/15 Salon article, Near death, explained.]


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