Did the Innocence Project frame a man?

The Innocence Project May Have Framed A Man For A Crime He Didn’t Commit – The Daily Beast

… “There’s a goddamn sinister thing going on here.”

… “This thing” Crawford refers to darkly is the collusion between overzealous state prosecutors and a high-profile leader of a since disbanded franchise of the Innocence Project, a nationally lauded legal program that gathers evidence to exonerate wrongfully convicted prisoners. In this case Crawford and others allege that in its eagerness to free a prisoner on death row, the Northwestern University branch of the Innocence Project framed Simon, and Cook County prosecutors went along with it.

via The Innocence Project May Have Framed A Man For A Crime He Didn’t Commit – The Daily Beast.

This article linked above is a followup story to Wrongly Imprisoned for 15 years Thanks to an Innocence Project: A group of crusaders, dedidated to freeing the wrongly imprisoned, is now accused of framing a man for murder.

Both are chilling articles for me, because the investigator mentioned by the Daily Beast – Paul Ciolino – is likely the same guy who played a role in Crosley “Papa” Green’s Brevard County, Florida investigation and only succeeded in getting him off death row, not out from behind razor wire, even though Brevard is notoriously corrupt, with two Innocence Project-involved exonerations having occurred there … Wilton Dedge and William Dillon’s, whose frame-ups where identical to also-exonerated Juan Ramos, as well as many that remain framed, including Gary Bennett.

At this late date, I’m rather surprised that any journalist is surprised that the burgeoning Innocence Industry may have an agenda. To me, it’s been clear for many years that self-perpetuation is a higher goal for many dot.org entities than making justice routinely available.

Look at their board compositions. Look at their IRS 990’s. Look at the source of the grants they receive. Look at their financials, particularly how little is actually spent on securing innocent inmates’ freedom. Look at the road to nowhere legislation they press for. Look at the half-truths they tell the media. Look at how they shuffle exonerees around the country like a traveling circus. Look at how many symposiums they hold. Look at how little they actually get done.

Organization of attorneys that say they settle lawsuits because their insurance companies advised them to are very likely lying. The Innocence Project claims that’s why they settled with phony bite mark expert witness Stephen Hayne for that reason.

A phony expert has an incredibly easy path to becoming un-phony: he doesn’t have to learn actual forensics or technical skills; he doesn’t have to stop lying under oath, all he needs to do is keep appearing in court after court until one judge – any judge – pretends he’s not a phony, for the record.

Hayne was as unskilled in providing testimony on other forensics. And it’s far for likely that the alternate media journalists/independent activists will save the victims of Hayne’s incompetence than it is that the mainstream media/Innocence Industry will.

You’re the calvary, y’all: saddle up; you’ve got lots of rescues to make … please sign the Change.org petition below to get started. It may prevent Jeff Havard from being executed based on Stephen Hayne’s unqualified testimony, and it’ll send a message to Innocence Industry attorney organizations that won’t fight the likes of Hayne that you don’t approve of attorney cowardice when there are lives at stake. Thank you.


[Update 3/10/15: I have just learned of Carla Hughes life sentence based solely on Stephen Hayne’s unskilled testimony. Please do sign Jeff Havard’s petition, and share this post … let’s get the word out about all of Hayne’s messes. Thank you.]






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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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