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Cop Who Shot and Killed Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl No Longer Facing Any Charges « ALTERNATIVE MEDIA SYNDICATE

The prosecution noted that even having his finger on the trigger of his submachine gun was improper. “He could have avoided injury if he had followed his training,” Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Robert Moran explained.

“He didn’t, and as a result of him not following his training and not following the mandates of ordinary care, someone was killed.”

via Cop Who Shot and Killed Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl No Longer Facing Any Charges « ALTERNATIVE MEDIA SYNDICATE.


The someone that officer Joseph Weekley killed was seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy – according to the linked accounting – asked that the remaining charge against Weekley be dismissed.

Worthy putting public servants ahead of the public is a well-established pattern. Davontae Sanford remains incarcerated for a quadruple “hit” that he couldn’t possible have carried out … Davontae is half-blind and developmentally disabled, and was 14 at the time. He likely still can’t read the confession he allegedly made.

No one needs to take Davontae’s word on his innocence. Vincent Smothers stepped up and confessed to the murders, and named his accomplice.

Smothers is a hit man; he’s serving time for eight other homicides that he admitted to. The for-hire killer can’t understand how or why anyone would do this to a kid. He’s tried like hell to free Davontae, but Worthy’s been in his way, every step of the way. For about seven years.

Worthy didn’t see the value in someone who got away with murder confessing to it in another case. Here in St. Lucie County, Florida, Kelly Michael Brady confessed to killing a women twenty years earlier in Wayne County, Michigan.

Brady’s confession did not free an innocent. And Brady wasn’t a suspect. No one was. The homicide case couldn’t have been colder. All that Brady’s coming forward did was give his victim’s family all the answers they needed, the magic “C” word … closure.

Worthy should have taken into account that nothing compelled Brady to come forward but his own conscience, indicating remorse. But Worthy threw the book at Brady, as if he’d let an innocent take the blame and serve his time, as if he’d been “wanted” and had been eluding law enforcement.

I knew that Ms. Worthy didn’t really care about crime long before I ever heard of Davontae Sanford, or Kelly Brady. I provided her with information on a possible violent crime, and she didn’t answer my letters.

Worthy cares about the public servants who care about her. Period. And that’s the essence of public corruption.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s didn’t answer his mail, either, apparently because there was nothing in it for him to address my requests other than ensuring public safety and making sure that taxpayers didn’t pay through the nose to persecute an innocent, possibly solve another cold case, etc. So @onetoughnerd really isn’t a fitting Twitter handle for Snyder. But there is one that rhymes.

Davontae Sanford

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